New Faction Concept: The Flock + Story

New Faction Concept : The Flock

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The Flock is one of the most unique groups out there. Known for their quick strikes on KLG and UAF Military Bases, they would fly in, complete their assigned tasks, and fly out. No one had ever really gotten a glimpse of them.

With each individual member playing their own unique role, they had never ran into a situation that they couldn’t handle, whether it be taking out a hanger full of Nuclear Warheads, or taking on a handful of Gorgons at a time.

Though not all missions go as planned. One day, when attacking a secret UAF Facility, The Flock members saw something incredible. It was some kind of simulation. The walls… the floors… they… weren’t real. It was all being simulated.

As they got closer in, they saw that Bravo Squad was there. It seemed as if they were practicing. Waves and waves of troops began to spawn. But shortly after… something happened. Something that wasn’t planned.

A portal opened from one end of the room, and out came… a Hyena. The moment this occurred, Strix put his hand on his weapon, slowly pulling it out of his holster. Argos reached out to stop him. “Not yet,” he said.

Kia and Boas began to whisper. Strix became more and more inpatient. Argos… remained calm. They all watched as Bravo Squad took out more waves. It felt like ages for them, but the Hyena left, and shortly after Bravo Squad as well.

Argos knew he had to follow the Hyena through the portal before it closed, he didn’t know why, but he felt obligated to. He signaled the rest of them, and each one of them jumped off the ledge they had been standing on, and opened up their wings. Descending quickly, they all pulled up into a tight group and soared right through the portal.

Before entering the portal, they were in a dark, secluded room, now they were in a bright and colorful place… Teraventa.

Splitting apart, the 4 members of The Flock flew in separate directions to ensure they had their current location surrounded. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they had just entered a battlefield… a war.

One by one each of them were taken down. Boas by a flaming sword. Kia by an explosive arrow, Strix by a furrow of spells, and Argos… by a kick from a bird. Or was it a suit of winged armor? Like his own. He didn’t have enough time to analyze. He was taken out too quickly.

The next thing he saw was waking up in a big throne room. It was old. Run down, and empty. Only a few guard stood around watching them. Argos looked up, and saw the winged creature sitting on the throne. She stood. “Who, and what are you?”. Argos responded “I am Argos, this is Strix, Kia, and Boas. We were following a Hyena like creature, when we landed here-”.

“JACKAL!” She yelled. “Always getting in the way of my plans. That menacing fool has laughed his last laugh.” She walk towards one guard. “Voidwalk, hunt him down, I don’t want to ever see or hear from him again.” Voidwalk responded “Understood Queen Isabis.”

She then turned to Argos and said in a very stern voice. “You are now my prisoners. You will now serve under me.” Argos replied “I’d join Kurtz before I serve under you.”

“Who is this “Kurtz” you speak of?”. Asked Queen Isabis in a very different tone. “You don’t know who Kurtz is? You gotta be joking, How do you not know who Kurtz is?”

The expression on Queen Isabis’s face didn’t change.Argos said. “Well, it depends on how you look at it… some say he’s the bad guy, why others see him as the good guy.” She responded. “And what do you see him as?” She responded.

“A threat. He is the most feared man in the entire world. He has the power to destroy nations, if you can even call them that anymore.”

“Hmm…” Queen Isabis thought. “It is obvious to me that we come from 2 different realms. One under my control, and one under Kurtz’s. I can change that… together we can take out this “Kurtz” and restore peace in both our realms. I can make this happen.”

“What are you saying?” Asked Kia. Argos gave her a look, and even though she couldn’t see his face through his mask, she knew what he meant. They had all agreed if they had ever been in a situation like this that Argos would do all the talking. He was better with words than the rest of them.

“What I am proposing… is that I let you four go, and return to your realm, and you will act as my scouts. You would return to me and tell me everything I need to know about your realm, and this “Kurtz”. This way, when the time is right, we can restore peace, everywhere…”

A small flame began to grow in her eyes… her plan for total domination, and destruction, would soon be in motion.

“Well we don’t have much of a choice do we…” said Argos. “Of course you have a choice. You can either rot here in your prison cell, and serve me for the rest of your miserable lives, or you can help me… restore… peace and order to all realms.”

“Argos looked back at his fellow teammates. Boas looked at Argos. “This isn’t exactly how we wanted to bring Kurtz down, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some help would it?” Kia agreed. Strix stood up. “We will agree to your plan… on one condition…I get to kill the Hyena.”

“I’ll tell you what…” she said “ I won’t kill him, but I’ll send him back into your realm for you to hunt him down.” Strix nodded in acceptance. “I’ll also be sending in two elite mercenaries who will help you in your journeys there. Hansuke, and Vespid.”

Argos said “Well it seems like we’re in.” Kia spoke next. “All we’ve ever wanted for the world is peace. I hope with your help, we can accomplish it.”

Queen Isabis responded in a softer voice. “Of course. Peace… is all I’ve ever wanted.” After a long pause she spoke again. “Now, return to your realm. Gather information so we can properly launch our invasion.”

The group of now six flew through the portal back to their realm. Little did they know though, they had just started a war. A war that would never end.

It would be the beginning of… The Great War.

Known Members

Argos - New Hero Concept : Argos - Vigilant Guardian

Strix - New Hero Concept: Strix - Silent Predator

Hansuke - New Hero Concept: Hansuke - Creative Coverist

Boas - New Hero Concept: Boas - Swift Flyer

Kia - New Hero Concept : Kia - Pathfinder

Vespid - New Hero Concept : Vespid - Menacing Disruptor

And 1 More Coming Soon…

If you made it down this far, then I’d really appreciate hearing your feedback on these heroes! :wink: Which one was your favorite? And why? All feedback is appreciated.

I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this community and enjoyed making these concepts! I hope you have too!

Which hero was your favorite?

  • Argos - Vigilant Guardian
  • Strix - Silent Predator
  • Hansuke - Creative Coverist
  • Boas - Swift Flyer
  • Kia - Pathfinder
  • Vespid - Menacing Disruptor

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Thank you everyone for all the feedback that has been given to me in the past, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading them! :blush: :wink:


I love this whole faction idea. It would open the game to new levels having a flying faction and I would just love how insane pvp would become having flying enemies (and allies) zipping around the battlefield.

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