New December Hero Contest - Winners Announced!


a cousin of Ronin, where instead of justice he fights for vengeance. or whoever pays him the most. he is a hit-man, a shadow walker. you wont see him, but the last you hear is the bang from his dual guns


Kaishi is a pioneer in People’s guard, works in the front line in the battle using his extraodinary attack skills. He use his skills to attack enemies and dodge the attack.

After longtime of martial arts training, kaishi can always keep full strength and clear brain in battle.

Hence, he also knows how to greatly strengthen this power and speed cause he is also a chemist and prepared medicament to stimulate himself in case of necessity and emergency.

With those skills, Kaishi is invincible in duel and also used his skills a lot to deal with his own issues. Also, and a martial fighter, Kaishi is fearless in single mission even he need to invade stronghold of enemies.

His chemical knowledge does not only help him to inspire his potency, but also to improve his weapon. Special and strong elemental attack remind his enemies of his existence.

He worked on a secret mission and just finished. It was a long time but finally came back to People’s guard.

Longtime of fighting didn’t make him lost morality and way as a martial artist, he is always a fighter of justice and people.


With his chiselled good looks, signature red eyeshadow and freakishly awesome hair, Benjamin Otonawa was a male supermodel before Zero Day.

Or so, everyone thought he was. The truth was, however, different.

Benjamin Otanawa (codename Samurai) was a spec-ops operator working for the Dominion Government, a pre-Zero Day organisation that ascended to power by way of its fusion of biochemical, bioenergy and biomechanical technology. The Dominion Government headquarters was however destroyed in the Zero Day apocalypse and it was only due to his exceptional survival skills that Samurai escaped death.

After Zero Day, Samurai continued working on the technology his former masters developed, and joined KLG’s Black Ops. Using their laboratory facilities he soon discovered the secret of infusing biochemical radiation with mechanical steel.

When pressed to reveal the formula to Kurtz, who wanted it to suppress the People’s Guard rebellion that occurred in the events of District 12, Samurai refused and Odachi and Kunoichi were sent to assassinate him.

Using a prototype of the bodysuit that he had developed, Samurai escaped again, heavily injured but with his life intact. In their battle, Samurai possibly dealt a fatal blow to Kunoichi but he was not able to confirm the kill, mustering his his last sliver of health to make his escape from a vengeful Odachi.

With nowhere else to go, and Kurtz giving up the chase on him to focus on dealing with the intrusion of his headquarters by the UAF at the end of District 12, Samurai joined the recently liberated People’s Guard. He soon came to appreciate their ways of honour and dignity as exemplified by his mentor Ronin. He continues to work on fusion techology and hopes to use Ronin’s and Halo’s energy know-how in completing his research to develop the perfect tri-element perfect weapon for the betterment of those under the care of the People’s Guard.

With his new life, new faction, and new ideals, Samurai also abandoned his old name and his old ways. He now goes by a new name - Kaishi, which means, New Beginning.


10 years ago:

“Slow down Kaishi! You must be patient and wait for your moment to strike.”

Kaishi grumbles to himself

“Yes sensei!"

Hmph! I hate slowing down. Kaishi says to himself as he grips his weapon tightly and grins at his opponent.

'Come on Takeda! Show me what you got!’

Kaishi summersaults high, twirls in midair, and lands behind his enemy with ease. Ha! I’ve got you now Takeda! Kaishi swings at the back of Takeda’s head for a finishing blow. But Takeda ducks at the last moment, sweeps Kaishi off his feet and lays his weapon upon Kaishi’s chest.

“Well done Takeda! You are ready for the final steps to becoming a Samurai.”

Kaishi quickly gets up and shouts at his Sensei in anger.

“That shouldn’t count! He hardly moved! He knows I’m faster than him and just stood there.”

"He waited for the right moment to strike Kaishi. You can take a lesson from him. Winning is not about your ability but about finding the right time to attack. It is about patience.”

Kaishi turns to Takeda,

Hmph! “Fight me again Takeda, we will see who wins!”

But their sensei steps in-between them.

“No Kaishi! You will have your chance to try again. But for now you need to wait and practice more.”

“This is foolish! Why do we bother with this training!”

“The Shōni clan needs-”

“I know what they need! They needy to give up this fight. What hope do warriors with swords have against militaries with guns and tanks!?"

Kaishi pauses to for a moment to think and collect himself.

“Thank you for your offering to train me Sensei. But my time to train is done. Our people have suffered enough and I need to find my own way to help.”

Current day:

Kaishi sits in a small room inside an underground bunker across from Castellan.

“Thank you for offering to join us Kaishi. You have past our testing and we would be honored to have you join us in taking the fight to the Kurtz.”

“I am only here to help my people and bring honor to my family. How do we begin?”

“Lets get you to the armory. You can see the space and you will need to be fitted for armor.”

Castellan and Kaishi leave the room, walk down a long hallway, and open double doors to a large training room. Castellan explains.

“Here is where we spar, practice fighting techniques, and train. We have been here….”

As Castellan continues, Kaishi sees 2 people sparring in the corner. One of them is a familiar face.


The fighters stop and turn towards the door.

“I have not been called that for some time. Kaishi? Is that you?”

“Takeda! It is good to see a old friend.”

“I can no longer be called that name. After I became a samurai and the Shōni clan fell, I have no master….you were right to leave Kaishi. The Kurtz are far more powerful than we had once thought.”

Both pause for a moment. Then Kaishi breaks the silence.

“Let us now dwell on the past old friend. Its too sad and boring.”

Kaishi looks down at 2 SMGs on a table of weapons. He picks them up, smiles and turns to Takeda.

“Now Ronin, how about a rematch?”


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