New Classified Hero Revealed?


I can guarantee that was a photoshop

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But we already know that we have to go for head so probably you can take him down first, meaning his silver will take long time to recharge.

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Nah its Kurtz. Himself he is a hero that use a pistol and is bald lol


Lol he seems to be Kurtz as in 13-10… :grin::grin:


I am pretty sure the silhouette is not Kurtz but it is actually Thanos. I am pretty sure this is correct.


Unfortunately it’s. Kurtz. The uniform can partially be seen unless it’s wesson only. Kurtz is the most obvious one
Presides who needs thanos scum is all we need scum is life


TBH the image presented in the original post is proof enough that it’s actually Thanos.


It is not Kurtz. It is Thanos, can’t you tell from the picture? A better guess would have been Bruce Willis or Samuel Jackson over Kurtz, but the right answer: ThAnOs!?!?!?!

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What if it’s Thanos using the reality stone to look like Kurtz :open_mouth:. Mind. Blown.

He be flexin’ on the disrespectin’. Clear 100% proof that hero is Thanos no doubt about it totally certain it’s him. :ok_hand:t2: :100:

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Who’s thanos ? Pls tell me


He’s a really suave dude that knows how to snap his fingers like the dudes fro
m white chicks


What’s his IGN ? Is he in SUAVE?


Maybe all 3 are the same person

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A developer should get in on this and unravel it all!

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Nah, you guys are doing great.


Knew it!! Thanks for confirmation :wink:

Discovery made by the great TERRA alliance. :slight_smile:

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So… all these heronium we collected thus far are actually just hero dusts

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What’s Thanos’ favorite household chore?




Exactly. They’re the residue caused by Thanos’s ability. It was a build up to this moment, the reveal of the character responsible.


This is actually hilarious xD