Mins danger simulator: a very stupid idea


Since everyones heroes are different and everyone has a different playing style this would not really help. I finished the levels with ery different heroes than most other. Just find out for yourself what works best for you.


But the order should stay same for some heroes like taking out Caine than panzer I am not asking this for myself only there are people with higher accounts that are failing at this that why I asked if some pro could give tips on whom to take out first


Even this depends on your team. Do you have many heals in your team? Go for the healers/shielders first. Do you have many damage dealers in your team, go for the damage dealer of the opposing team first.


This is my team


This is the enemy team


My problem is if I go for panzer than Caine shield every one and it’s game over if I go for Caine and than go for panzer operator starts to heal her and she takes out my cinder and I can only take out 2 bosses with dogface so if a take out operator first I can’t leave Caine and panzer killing one and leaving the other doesn’t help Caine shield every one and panzer just kills my cinder every time if you can tell me a pattern or maybe switch some one from my team or any tip on how to beat this It would help a lot


you’re already pass wave 20. congrats
maybe use maven as main dps


Change Cinder with Maven and silence Operator with her, then go Caine, afterwards go for Operator.
May try Nightingale instead of Keel, because of her mark.

And please you punctuatun marks,


I have some how completed wave 25 now I am stuck at this one

These are my heroes can you give me some advise on this I can take out prophet and butter with dogface but time can get through the rest of them sometimes time run out or they kill my heroes can you look at my heroes and tell me which to take and which I need to upgrade for this event


What your problem? How do you fail, dying, lack of time, other?


Yeah time expires this is my team

Whom should I switch hadeo with beck or Clyde who does the most damege


Probably Matador for Mandrake and Nightingale for Keel. But maybe Steele will help more than Matador.


Tried it doesn’t work I need a replacement for hadeo some one who can kill fortress or vanguard on his own so there shield stop I am upgrading Clyde but I don’t know how to use him beck turned out to be a disappointment anvil can’t do damege fast enough I am stuck really bad I have mixed feeling about this not angry and not satisfied I know I can do it I am killing there heroes with dog face abilities but after I have used them I need another hero to kill a fully shielded boss nightingale matador and manderake are for support need that one hero to finish it before time runs out


bolt, hardscope, and beck with a good RNG


I would have to agree with @Papa_Marsh 's comment a couple of days ago about very balanced teams being penalized. My heros are all Lvl 68, two stripe gold, Max skill points, 7 - 9 stars. I’m keeping them at this level until I have 8 stars on all of my heros that I have found useful in PvP. (I have a list of 15 or so). I also like being able to plug and play the bonus heros in PvP events, so once we find out who they are, if they are not gold 2-stripes, I bring them up to maintain the balance in the areas I have more control over.

Total team - 423k
Top 5 - 46k
Optimum team - 41k (Dog, Mandrake, Gammond, Caine, Razor)
Level 35 Team I can’t get past - 63k

I manual Dog. I’ve played this lvl so many times I’ve lost count. I can kill Keel and then one more, have tried different kill orders. The remaining three opponent heros are still close to Max health. I can make it through with my team pretty much in tact and I time out or I did like a scrub. I’ve given up. I’ve got everything I want out of the holiday store. Was the event fun, absolutely; but frustrating to.

The input you guys have provided here is great, thank you!


You are not penelized for balance, you are pealized for unbalance, since teh opponents power is calculated by your Top 5 teampower.
Sure if you only have leveld up PvP heroes you will struggle, because they do not always help in PvE.


My apologies, I didn’t make this clear. I have 53 of the heros at lvl 68, gold 2 stripe, Max skill points.


This is embarrassing, but does anyone have advice for beating level 15? It’s the all-biochem boss level. Most of the time I get blown away without a single kill. My best performance is killing two before time runs out. The team that got that far, along with the rest of my roster, is below. Suggestions on target priority ( I’ve been going after Callidus first), team changes, etc? Thanks for any advice.

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