Mins danger simulator: a very stupid idea


It was fairly easy for me. I stopped at wave 54 :slight_smile: , GL everyone!


207k power
38k top 5 (not optimal heroes)
58k recommended for lvl 50

Doesn’t seem balanced to me lol


I can’t even seem to get pass checkpoint 25.


Might I ask heat people are using for round 30?

I used that to get my team to at least survive but now I’m not doing enough dmg. At first I was able to kill at least 2 before getting wiped. I can’t seem to find the balance between dmg and survivability…I also find that the shielders butter and surprisingly vanguard are the big annoyances in this wave.


not sure, but i cleared it using butter plat, scope plat, caine plat, gale gold, and dog gold
using BFG in the middle of crowds or prophet head


If it is highest team plus 20k it really is not balanced since 20k is okay if you are at 70k plus, but almost 2/3 of your power if you are at 30k. They should have done it in a percentage way, like max team power plus 20% for level 50. That would have been more balanced.


Change Anvil with Panzer and Kobold with Nightingale. Go for the opponents Butter first, because he is the only “group heal” in the team.


Brogan wave advice? Wave 40


Come on guys, just trying for yourself, you have two weeks left to finish it. Try different team compositions or level up the heroes you need to finish it.
Isn’t the fun of it figuring out how to finish the waves?


The difficulty after 2-3 Boss-fights is way too much.
The Devs have to do something for it.


It is at first I had the feeling I was really stuck at 30 but than I just ran through and got 35 and 40 fairly quickly now struggling with 45 but I will get there. Need to upgrade some skills.

Need more bucks


I did that and killed butter one time but after mandrake dies my team goes down very quick. After that try I couldn’t even kill butter again


I have 20 million bucks now. I just wanted to sting that needle in your eye. :slight_smile: Sorry!


Hmm I will get there not to far from my seccond gauntlet reset.


Are you implying that that’s hard to obtain? :joy:


Not if you stop leveling hero skills


Have you beat wave 20 yet?

I have the same problem with you and heck I’m level 80, stuck on wave 20 for days and tried everything but nothing. Until I figured out something.

Team composition and who to kill first (or in order). < This is the most important thing in this mode I guess, doesn’t matter what level or how many stars in your heroes (well maybe a bit affected I guess).

Team composition:

You will only find your perfect team composition if you find what’s holding you, I mean what keeping you failed over and over.

Know their strengths at and find the weakspot on your team. Figured out that both and you make it.

In my case, I used panzer, Drake, dogface, keel and Gale. But they keep dying, I do major heroes changes but still the same. But when I put razorback and Cain into the team, I flew thru it (literally).

Fun fact is, both heroes are bummed, my razorback is 5 stars and lack of skill upgrades and Cain? He only 4 stars and lack of skill upgrades too.

And then what this two actually did to make me make it at 20 wave? Protection.

Dog, keel and Gale have good damage and heal but low survivability, and there is always a Time window where both heals in cooldown. By putting razor and Cain you actually give them more time to finish their cooldown, and if the armorer/ tank is dying, the heal is ready. You already create synergies amongst them.

Who to kill:

Like I said earlier, you should know which heroes that keeping you lose over and over and what makes em unbeatable.

In my case, hivemind drones is the main problem. It keeping them alive no matter how hard I hit them, so I killed him first before he spawn more drones.

Next I go for castellan, why? Well you know how it feels trying to break those unbreakable shield, and when he spawn his turret… It’s game over.

Then I go for hardscope (just because), Halo (actually died outta nowhere) and save Halloway for the last since he did pretty much nothing IMO.

Don’t give up yet, my build are miserable compared to others and still make it (real easy) just by changing those two into the team and upgrade only 5 lvl on each heroes. Good luck


I almost gave up on 50 but tried it again today. Finally beat it. It is all about who to take out first and team comp. Don’t give up, just keep trying something different till you find what works.




This could end up helping a lot of people if some one who has beaten all 50 waves give advice about all boss waves like whom to take out first and create a list for all boss waves I would have given up on this mins simulator if it weren’t for some nice people who gave me really good tips. this community works together and help each other out in hunts we can do it here too