Mins danger simulator: a very stupid idea


If its based on level, you failed.


i like this thread,
at first it’s start with hate but now we’re trying to help each others by giving advice
i’m glad poster give the event a try
(not even read what’ve you write tho, sorry)

i’m not sure, why don’t you swap hideo for flatline?she a bit squishy tho and maybe die first
or anvil to shoot at castellan shield


Try gaining a star or 2 on mandrake, he probably does really quick at this point


I’m stuck on 35 with anvil, phanlax, keep, operator, Razorback. I use maven, dogface, matador, mandrake, and panzer. Every time I do damage to anvil he just gets healed instantly and get slaughtered


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My team for beating wave 50. Took a few tries since the time would often expire. A full load of Dogface’s both skills combined against the Gorgon was the key for me.


How about going for the heals first?
And take a second heal yourself


Can you post your team?


I’ve tried take of keel but of course operator heals her and takes forever to take down the sheiks phlanax profs at the beginning



Fantastic event, real challenge.

My top team power is 78.8K, recommended for lvl 50? 98.4K i think… took me about 30/40 attempts to get it done.

It’s nice having an event you can’t just auto through.


Stuck on 35 and it doesn’t even feel close. Suggestions?

Edit just did it switched Ryker for Matador.
Previous attempt three of my heroes got killed at the same time (Razorback?).


still stuck at level 29… i’m level 68 with beck, matador, maven, butter, & ryker… any suggestions on what to do next?


I did it doesn’t change a thing my heroes die I fact she is the first one to die but now dogface is doing good he kills 3 bosses but the rest of them kill my entire team


How about now should I promote him to gold 4 or just level his skills all the way up?
( it’s hurts used 100 frags on him all mixed frags gone lol)


@WalleWu - That squad has always been my go-to campaign team; it does crazy well because everyone has so much hp. With razor taunting to draw damage away from everyone else and Mandrake/Caine keeping everyone alive, it’s great. Not to mention Gammond’s heal is criminally underrated because it lasts so long. It ends up being a very balanced team because everyone has decent survivability and dps.

To answer your question though - yeah my first run on the min-sim, I set it to auto x3. Made it to wave 50 but ran out of time (probably wouldn’t have beaten it anyway though). So I tried once with manual controls and got it first time (same team).

I’m curious though how the scaling is working for everyone. For reference, here’s what I’m at:
Team power: 550k
Top 5 power: 74k
Wave 51 Rec Power: 91.5k


here are mine :

Team power: 481k
Top 5 power: 64k
Wave 31 Rec Power: 73k

Haven’t beaten 35 yet. but only using auto so far. always too busy to actually look.

Team used looks more or less like
dog - nightgale, flatline, panzer, caine.

so far no luck…


try drake, flatline, dogs, gale and keel/hideo


660k power
76k power with the best team
96k for level 51

It seems to go with the highest team power. Which could have been my problem, because three of them are Fortress, Matador and Maven.


Jup have the same problem Fortress, Maven, and Matador.

And I agree that the difficulty seems about right I am currently at 45 and still think it’s doable just need to get the order right and add some dps.