Mins danger simulator: a very stupid idea


K Ill give it a go what more can I even do lol


Is your mandrake gold?

Do you know how to use dogface his silver skill 2x in a row?


Yeah I used the same one for 50


Thanks for the response! I did use one team the whole way through:

Dogface, Mandrake, Gammond at 10*, Plat0
Caine and Razorback at 9*, Plat0

Auto’d my way to running out of time on wave 50. Manually controlled that same team once to finish up wave 50. (I did lose a couple heroes but squeaked out the win first try)


First using it to 17 than boosting it with bronze yeah
And my manderake is on gold


Can you show the team you use in power before you start?



And your mandrake? :sweat_smile:


Good point as I am working on balaning my team and I am pretty stuck at 30 atm. I will upgrade my top 10 though for this and the completing the scavanger hunt.

Edit leveled heroes to 80 made 30 in the last seccond stuck on 35. Leveling skills next. Need cash …

Edit 2 @Huginn don’t tell me it’s scaled on team level. That would make it really hard for those focusing on leveling heroes at the same rate. Many do this to have all options in pvp.


It’s very good, I like it, but the only bad thing is that in the last wave of 50 the time is not enough to kill Gorgon …


Use Cinder. Her 50% dmg skill should melt whatever she tags if you have another dps. She should be able to activate it 4 times within 1:30 if you keep her alive long enough


You did 45 with that team? I struggled so hard on that since all the marking just made it about impossible to keep my heroes alive. As soon as one of my heroes was marked he was about done. In some tries my first hero was down in 10 seconds.
You do not even have a proper heal, how did you survive longer than 20 seconds?
How much is the recommended power for level 51 for you?
I am just puzzled, this wave took me about 30 or 40 tries.


Still not a recommendation on the BEST wave 50 team? I wanna know which ones to pump up to skill level 80 for this wave.


I went with ghoul to silence all the heroes and dog as a damage dealer. Added mandrake skinned gale and Hardscope.
I went for Savage first and attacked Gorgon only when he opened his core by himself, did not try to break his shield.


I’ll try! Probably you have stronger heroes than I do;
my Ghoul and Hardscope are at 7*. Nightingale is 8*. Mandrake and Dogface at 10*. All Platinum, no bars added.
You controlled… Hardscope? He’s kinda not optimal when AI plays him.



I just promoted my dogface to gold 4 whom should I focus on now hadeo or manderake or some one else what do you suggest




My Ghoul is 9* as gale and Hardscope is 8*

I played Dogface. Took Hardscope in for 45 since I lacked damage and heal there. He does both okay so I went with him and stayed with him.


I did what you said dogface kills two bosses with his special it was just on pure luck because they spawn at different places every time so they would sometimes kill me really quick so I promoted my dogface to gold 4 and evolved him to 6 stars he can kill halo hive and scope but when that’s happened all my other hero’s are dead by than which support hero’s you suggest I take cause after dogs abilities are done he becomes use less for a while and he can’t kill cast and hallo with his normal attacks