Mins danger simulator: a very stupid idea


The difficulty is actually different for everybody depending on what their team power is so technically it should be beatable by anybody regardless of power. Sounds like the scaling might not be perfect though because I flew through waves 1-49 on auto 3x no problem and then beat wave 50 on my first try using manual controls.

I’m wondering if the event difficulty is scaled more toward total team power and less toward top-5 hero power. That would end up punishing people with a very balanced roster and make things easier for people that put most of their effort into a select few heroes.


Well I am not gonna let this hold me down if I couldn’t do it this year maybe next year or after that
I might not be ready for it now but I will be with better experience and time I am enjoying the other event though done a lot today already

Unlocked halos skin and savage gonna try my best to get savages skin and those 500 skin crate token


I am really happy that they made an event that I probably can’t finish. I am at team level 80 410k team power. I understand it can be frustrating that you don’t finish it but I am happy there is a challenge outside pvp for me.


try phalanx, dog, hideo, gale and another mech. keel/mat/bolt


@Humzilla What’s your attack strategy look like? Who are you targeting first and who are you dying from etc.

You said you’re going against Hivemind, Halo, Hardscope, and Sentry; who’s the fifth? Your attack order should probably be Sentry first, Hivemind second to avoid drones, then Halo to clear up lightning rod. It also depends on who the other enemy hero is however.


@Papa_Marsh the fifth is castellan and there’s no sentry, its halloway


Did you use this same makeup for 50? Im just stuck there. Cant get the damage in fast enough no matter what I do right now. Its weird since otherwise this has been easy and 50 isnt even that hard; just has a small time limit for me. I know its doable, but I just havent gotten it yet. How do people handle the gorgon quickly enough?


Yeah it’s castellen and halloway


Ouch! Talk about minion hell lol. 9 potential minions all triggering lightning rod. In that case I’d probably go:

  1. Halo
  2. Hive
  3. Castellan/Scope
  4. Scope/Castellan
  5. Hall



ouch, sorry to see that


I’m REALLY happy with all this feedback! We were pretty excited about this mode.


Once I start getting pummelled I just die instantly without even looking at the attacker that how quickly I die


do you have clyde or panzer?


I have Clyde I don’t have penzer yet


@Huginn It’s a great mode with a lot of potential! I’m personally a little bummed that I didn’t have the challenging experience that others did.

Maybe look into the power scaling a bit? It seems like some people are having a very difficult time and others are flying through. This is what I said elsewhere in the thread:


I am gonna try to upgrade Clyde but every one just focuses on the hero that’s dealing the most damege Clyde might make a difference


We did test this a lot. We copied some player accounts to test with just to make sure people at certain power levels would be challenged.

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a challenge. I can look into it that. Did you use one team the whole way?


I would probably recommend dogface over clyde. Pilot him instead of Hideo and aim for halo headshots right away. Pop off his silver as soon as it’s ready and kill heroes in this order: Halo, Hive, Scope, Cast, Hallo. When you have 1 bullet left of the 18 from dogface’s silver, use his bronze to refill you back to 18 with an extra power boost.


Can you try doing that with my account??