Minmaxing hall of shame


Why is this community so divided when it comes to VIP status? I honestly don’t understand it.

For high-vip: If you want to spend money on a game… Why do others have a right to tell you what to do? They don’t. There is no argument here. You chose to spend what you have, you receive your benefits from it.

For low-vip: You have a fairly well built game to play without having to spend money, what is your complaint? If you really wanted the advantages that high-vip players have, you would spend the money to have them. Not everything in life will always be handed to you.

I see a common saying: “Obviously vip should have benefits, or no one would pay and I’m fine with that. add rant about why it’s not fair they have better benefits

Sounds like you are not fine with it. Stop complaining about a system that was put into place for players who want to show a little extra support for a team of developers. Whom do i need to remind you - this is their livelihood.

All in all… Let me simplify it.

If you spend, you spend. If you don’t, you don’t. Either way, you have no real right to complain. You choose to play how you play.


Where to start…

Actually the game tells a much different story. I see you ranked 42 and had 14,775,767 points. That means you played almost 100 matches, or double what you claimed. Your top team is 78k (I doubt you used this team though, since it has some really poor PVP heroes on it like Steele, Sapphyr, and Oracle). So, if you were winning matches that’s 160k per win on average. 14.8m/160k = 93 wins. I can’t check if you actually lost any matches or not, but considering you lied about the number you played I can only assume you are fabricating your wins as well.

At 100 matches, 2 minutes a pop, that means you spent almost 3 and a half hours playing just PVP over 2 days. And again, that’s not including any losses you may or may not have had, only the wins. I said if you play a lot and are good, or high VIP, it’s easier to rank up in PVP. You spent a decent amount of time playing and are VIP 12… yet you are trying to tell me what I said wasn’t true?

Furthermore you have yet to offer any rebuttal to my factual data and numbers, instead just telling me “the VIP rewards aren’t that big of deal”. Fact is, from an extra Gauntlet reset per day, you get an extra 8 gold throwing stars or 15 hero frags. You also get 600-800k cash. Over a few months this equates a bigger roster of leveled up heroes, the ability to switch to a new meta easier/faster, and a faster time leveling skills and gaining equipment. PVP is more dependant on win/loss ratio, but on average you should be getting at least 25% more wins. Of course if you lose constantly, or don’t use them, you won’t always see a benefit here.

Not sure how this doesn’t make sense? You win a decent number of bucks after each Gauntlet match. As you go through the stages, you get more and more bucks. If you have 2 Gauntlet resets per day, you get twice as much cash. How does this not make sense to you…?

This cash in turn allows you to max skill points and heroes quicker. I am so starved on cash I often have to wait a few days to 10* a hero, or plan for days in advance. I have TONS of heroes who don’t have their skills maxed cause I am low on cash, even ones I use constantly.

Just to be clear, I am fine with it. I don’t invest a ton of time or money on the game. I enjoy it in my spare time. My only gripe is with people who try to play the advantages VIP give you off like they aren’t important. If they weren’t worth it, why did these people spend the money in the first place?

I have stated here and other threads numerous times the advantages you get from higher VIP. Rather than offer actual arguements against it, I usually just hear people come back with “nuh uh, the benefits aren’t that big of a deal!”. I guess it’s easier to be in denial and think you had no help than to admit higher VIP gives some huge boosts?


This is a bit touchy, as people aren’t often spending money for the benefits offered. It’s more or less on the gold/heroes. The VIP benefits are an added bonus on top of it all.

Honestly, I agree to an extent. But I also feel it’s more of a subconscious answer given… Most high level VIP are so used to the one extra pvp life, they don’t think about it. Some may not even care to read about what they receive daily because they just assume its part of the game! Immediately what comes to my mind is the absolutely massive stock pile of quick win tickets stored that I will never be able to use. I don’t pvp a lot, and I gain most of my frags through events and gauntlet so that extra pvp life does me no good, whereas the gauntlet reset helps out tremendously.


I agree with this I think VIP perks are normal gamd play. Even with a higher VIP we have to spend gold to get extras, and are limited to how many times we can reset.



Not going to waste my time on this, sorry, I tried to answer it nicely, not in the mood to start a internet fight about something useless as this.

Only thing I want to correct you on is the time I play a match, you say it’s 2 minutes, but I destroy the opponent in 30-40 seconds and if that’s not the case I lose.

Have a good day


Yes, if it wasn’t for me realizing to slowly level a squad of heroes, I would’ve quit the game long ago. It is only natural and a necessity, for any type of success, to understand the system you operate within. I have no animosity towards those who pay for benefits as long as it is not a skewed system. I am enjoying seeing how far I can get before becoming a VIP. Sometimes it is tempting. I imagine I could reach my goals much faster by being a VIP.

Some high powered player accused me of minmaxing. At the time, I had no idea what was being referred to -Although I did recall facing a challenger who had a green 10* prophet. I never complained to that player and at least figured out a way to take out his prophet even though I still lost. It was an esteem builder. If the modify matchmaking, there will be complainers: How many of them will become adaptors?


No need to name call buddy. There’s no need to get upset because you aren’t able to do well at pvp.


One of the reasons I lose the interest in the forum, just look up the 20~ last comments (my own ones included), it completely derailed and now it’s just people fighting with each other…


Sorry I have to step in to mention something here since it really bothers me when people so flagrantly use fallacious logical arguments to make a point. You have a complete error in your thinking here and you’re falling into the very common mistake of assuming causation since there is correlation.

You’re arguing that since the top 25 players are VIP 10+, then their VIP level is what makes them top 25. You’re failing to consider the fact that players that are invested enough to be competitive at the top 25 level are far more likely to spend than others.

I get the point you’re making. I’m not saying you’re right or wrong. But the logic you’re using to make your argument is a fallacy and it weakens the whole point you’re trying to convey by demonstrating to everyone that you are unable to form a legitimate point of view from the data in front of you.


Just flag as inappropriate and ignore him. He clearly lacks the fundamental decency to operate in any form of public discussion.


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