Min maxing


Really need to get on top of this HH

This be no where near the worse of it I’ve had Tonin 10* +5 plat teamed with 4 gold heros etc etc. Team matching needs to be

  1. Highest hero level
  2. Highest hero level x5

This will stop min maxing in heart beat real needs sorting as when you get these guys it take fun out of pvp. No I wont join them I’d rather play against someone who plays fair thou that more and more rare

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Yeah I’ve seen it posted a few times but as HH doesn’t do anything about it it seems that more and more pvp battles are heading the same way. So either more are saying if you can’t beat them join them or less fair players are doing pvp

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This has been an issue for long as I can remember, don’t believe his plat will ever be adjusted . Ronin will live on as the go to hero for the unskilled players and cheap wins

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Hope that the more gamers that address this issue and come up with ideas to fix it maybe HH sort it.
Using a single hero to match search is best one that I think is doable. You select the highest power hero you want to use after that any high power heros are locked from being selected. Matchs are searched based on that first hero so if you want to add 20k rest 9k go for it you will be matched relating to 20k hero so could be match against 20k x5 heros you lose… so you would always be making best team possible. In process the min max cheats might learn how to build teams.

This would leave team power rewards etc the same as now the only programming would be to lock higher heros from being selected. And a change from total team power to search to single hero power searching

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We’re always exploring ways to incorporate player feedback. Most suggestions just aren’t feasible or possible. Trust that we’re aware of your feedback regarding how some users choose to engage PvP, and that we’re always discussing player feedback and reactions internally. I cannot promise you’ll see the changes you’re looking for immediately and to the letter of what you’re requesting. Thanks for your understanding.

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Thanks for reply, I’m hopeful a solution can be found always believe in if you complain about something offer some ideas as solutions don’t just complain. I also understand that some things that seem simple to us might not be feasible to the way the game mechanics work etc. So hopefully some of us gamers can offer ideas to fix this issue that can work and the in time fix this part of game. No point asking for x hero to be needed etc as cheats will just use a different hero. The problem isn’t with the hero anyway but the way a few select to use them

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There is a faction tournament right now. For whatever reason, probably to accommodate people using the bonus heroes on teams that they dont really ‘fit’ on, matchmaking gets a lot more relaxed and suddenly your relatively balanced team starts hitting 10* ronins on a team of 5-6* supports.

They could limit the relaxed matchmaking penalty to just the bonus/featured heroes but they didn’t, so faction tournaments just kinda turn into shitshows.

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We have a few pvp events some only use the bonus heros, but yep until the cheating is fixed somehow cheats will continue as it easy reward.

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I wouldn’t call it cheating. it is gaming the system more than anything.
When people hear the word cheat they automatically think it means something different than min maxing.

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Min/maxing has always been prevalent, but Ronin makes it ten times worse with his Honorbound skill. It’s tailor made for min/maxing. Why did you guys nerf his Ripose skill in the last update and not even touch Honorbound?

I get these things need to be handled delicately so any changes don’t make matters worse, but surely something could have been done about Ronin by now? It’s been like this the last 3 or 4 months. Why not make Honorbound only give hp to heroes with less max health than Ronin, and only give Ronin additional damage for every hero with more max health? That way you aren’t gaining 13k atk power on Ronin AND 200k hp on all the other heroes when you pair a 10*, 5 bar Ronin with a bunch of 6-7*. You would only gain one or the other.

This might not totally solve the current issue, but it would at least help address it for the time being.


Or for short term fix anyone found min maxing have all rewards removed scores reset to 0 no rewards should help limit it



We’ve got this problem since half a year ago (or mayber more) and there’s still no solution?

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Basically, that’s why PVP is not funny anymore, even tho there are rewarded tournaments.

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Yea I agree that PVP is no longer fun due to the Min Maxing issue that has not been adressed.


Yeah min maxing has been an ongoing issue but of late it is reaching epidemic proportions. Seems like every other battle I roll for is now a Min Max battle easy Crystal’s and event rewards, spoils game for more honest gamers that don’t want to cheat way to top.

Could take hundred more screen shot but at the moment no point. We at least we know thanks to LordNikon reply that they are aware of the issue now we just need HH to address the issue as although the game allows min maxing at the moment as the game mechanics work. It surely can’t be in the spirit of the game and is only a cheats way of win a pvp match.


I always wondered why after a winning streak I away got a matched against minmaxer that was 10K higher than me and impossible to win against. I also wondered why after more than a year you would think that a fair PvP system would be the highest priority of the Hot Head Game to fix. Yet here we are. At this point in time, the fact that matchmaking is full of MinMaxers. I found One Reason For PvP design here.


a quick fix for min/maxing and sandbagging: Don’t nerf Kurtz and let min/maxers and sandbaggers just face Kurtz meta team’s.

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Real issue isn’t to nerf any hero as if they are used as intended they aren’t overpowered… they issue is any hero that’s +5 plat 10* when used with 8k hero’s really is a force a real gamer is going to struggle to counter. That’s why either removing the rewards they gain or a fix is needed as the min maxing has been an ongoing issue but of late has become epidemic.
Why I put forward the strongest hero idea has to be picked first as game already ranks heros in power order. So being unable to select you 2nd 5th hero from higher up would mean the +5 10* hero would need to be selected first.
Then you select any lower powered heros for 2 to 5th slots. As only the power of your first hero is used to calculate your opponent it wouldn’t matter the power levels of what hero is selected for remain slots.
Min maxed select 20k 8k 8k 8k 9k could be matched against 20k 20k 20k 20k 20k as only the first hero is used this would mean the min maxer would be at a disadvantage and therefore it wouldn’t happen. In turn hopefully team loadout and skill would return to all forms of pvp again.

This would require some coding and I don’t know the game mechanics but hope that something like this could be introduced!

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Maybe just review matchmaking