Meet the Devs - DECA Community Team Edition

Welcome to all from DECA…I hope that you enjoy the game as much as we all do - and - continue to improve the game, in the same way that Hot Head have done…


Woohoo, Cross appreciation at last :slight_smile: See @Okelly I always said he was good

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Haha Sprite already paying people off

Welcome DECA hope you have a great time

I see a new and different gunslinger has arrived. Welcome all new devs!

Nice to meet you, our new dear devs. I hope you make this awesome game better and bring to all players many new things and many positive emotions. From Russia with Love.

Hey y’all, in about one hour from now, the DECA Community Team will be answering your questions in our Discord server! Come hang out :sun_with_face:

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