Matchmaking in alliance wars

It feels like you’re hiding from the questions being asked and gas lighting us. You know what everyone is asking. You know who everyone is talking about.

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When an alliances magically scores 270k+ more points in the last war than anyone else so they can jump into first it’s obvious. They weren’t able to do this because they are better than everyone else. They were able to do this because they have an unfair advantage. They were given dozen and dozen of sectors so their score would be artificially inflated.


Everyone is getting all pi*** with Muninn, but he has made numerous valid points.
Personally, I think collusion should be encouraged. Make truces with alliances. THAT’S HOW WARS ARE FOUGHT.
Sometimes your allies are there to help you, sometimes they arent. Start making your own sister alliances, and start getting competitive.

NATO I tell ya lol, NATO

Making sister alliances and getting competitive sort of contradict each other. If war becomes more dependent on the idea of sister alliances, more people will tire from war than already have. If the problem is how sister alliances tarnish war, the solution isn’t more sister alliances.

Just for the record though, war truces and sister alliances are not the same thing cause it seems like some people are using them interchangeably here. Sister alliances will have a main alliance who they will bend over for, if need be. That doesn’t happen with the average war truce.


Exactly, there’s a big difference…

Imagine a universe where the devs worked to improve the game for all players instead of marginalizing and protecting the few who find loopholes.


The game has reached a point where alliances must team up and create super alliances, 2, 3, even 10 teams that work together. VRIJ has done this better than anyone else thus far. To keep up, teams must come together for the challenge.

That sounds good to you? Once you reach that level of complicity with competitiveness, the game will get stale and die out. Imagine downloading a game where it’s nothing but alliances catering to bigger alliances. What other game serves to that idea?

I love this game. I’m hoping it never reaches that point cause I’m trying to see HH and its community grow.

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Vrij has indeed done a great job in having so many sister alliances, it’s not a problem, the only thing that’s wrong is ending up with 2 or 3 vrij in the same group, ask some big competing alliance, they have already paid the price

In such a situation there is no game, no pleasure

Has everyone forgot about the busy family

May I introduce myself to the (bad) VRxx family.

I just scanned most of it, but to me it sounds like it would be “wrong” if we (VRIJ, VR1J, VRIJ2) help each other. Sister alliances are there to help you. We also experience a 2 vs. 4 which somehow doesn’t seem to interest anyone

Thx, I am proud to be part of this family

Sorry dumbist thing I’ve read in awhile. How are the devs supposed to know who’s matching with who. It’s not how their algorithm works. They can’t sit there match up every single war. It would be tedious and a waste of time


Ditto on that Tollbooth! It is what it is. Adapt, overcome, improvise. There IS no way around it. War has, and always will, consist of two or more armies working together. So, when in Rome… / if ya can’t beat em, join em………and any other saying that like that.

Agreed, after following the adjustments to surprise attack, I think devs are pretty open to making changes (note I was against changing surprise attack but can acknowledge the efforts to have a good compromise as a solution).

Looking at the alliances that have suitable sister alliances, they are in a league of their own (lulz) in terms of power. Even if you were to force them to separate, you are just going to place these massively powered alliances with much weaker ones. Its nice that at the top everyone has a good top 5 team, but a lot of those other alliances don’t have nearly the same top 20-30 that the near 40 million alliances do.

And like others have said… this doesn’t stop the mass non-alliance collusion that happens. Sister alliances had different tags in the past. Seems like the previously proposed option was an extremely targeted solution formed out of bitterness that didn’t solve the “problem”.

There used to be so many mergers of alliances to create these massive bounty and pvp powerhouses in the past (pre-war). The problem I think was managing the interests of all the sister alliances, I think giving credit where credit is due (Satisfying all members) is fine. Anyways, if history says anything, a lot of these whales end up falling apart.

Besides, judging from the complaints, isn’t the alliance that is targeted an alt alliance to begin with? Would the OP be willing to sacrifice their rewards for 25 other people they don’t work with on a daily basis (From the war history … it seems less of a tradey than some other posters proposed).

War is war… War is never easy you win some you lose some and like others learn from your mistakes and keep pushing through it

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