Matchmaking fun

Difference between max and min power on left: 7981
Difference on right: 5114
So not a huge difference (2867) so definitely not reasonable to expect one team to be sandbagging and one team to not.

But then the team on right has 188% higher combined power.

In what universe is this considered even remotely fair or fun?

I don’t play co-op pvp too much but I’ve never had issues like this until the last update, and it’s not rare to see an opponent with double your power now.

And there seems to be nothing you can do about it unless you don’t play with auto match which ruins basically all the fun of pvp for me…

I think they will never solve it, and the truth is there is nothing funny about that, it is sad but it is what it is

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but in-game purchases work like a clock) I have played a lot of mobile games. this game is top1 for errors. :ok_hand:


Yeah this is absolutely brutal, shouldn’t have happened.

Looks a lot like this picture

No matter what others think but you were sandbagging and deserved that opponent @Donimos

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Top This! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This is fun mate ur 658 is looking stronger lol

Nah you could’ve beaten it, I believe in you


The server bet the same I think. :smile: