March 2021 Update Notes - The Phantasma Update

You think it’ll be 2 factions since the shoreman was mentioned?

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Oh thanks Jado for explaining because I was confused for a sec probably because of the types of artwork. One being comic/cartoon style while other being more graphic and a realistic model.


Looks like a new addition to bounty really hope ruby bounty counts for points for event for milestones… also devs can we please have a tip or some help for players stuck in extreme 5-6 I’m at my wits end an it’s killing me being stuck an dying on it within first 10 sec of start! For the past 5 months! I like a challenge but not a full on slaughter fest please an thank you for any help. Love the game keep up the good work an new additions!

I hope so, I am almost at the point of having a ruby hero in each faction so bounties should be a lot easier either way now.

Although I believe they said something like they only want one at a time if they are big enough to support themselves. Revive city coming up haha

Looking forward to this update! Love the art and new hero😎. Awesome design and seems like she’d need a lot of skill to use manually. Elixir was a good option as i really love to use operator and i’d love to see in which way he can perform better than him😃
Buffs look great too. I really look forward to testing them and see how they perform now. I hope icebox would be viable now as i’d like to pair him with mauler for the disorient😁
Let’s rock this scavenger hunt and show we don’t need the developers’ help this time😉

Beautiful update devs. Thank you.

Oh Devs…there are things the easter bunny will probably never forgive (EGGNOUGHT) :rofl:
But fat pat on the back to Phantasma :+1: :+1: :+1: I am very happy about the BountyUpdate :+1: :+1:

Dreadnaught gets another skin? That’s pretty disappointing considering some heroes like siren don’t even have a rare skin at all.

They should at least add the 2nd as a bonus to war and bounty since it was released

Hi guys - very nice update :+1:…and I love the update to Alcatraz - so the big fella can now hit harder.



I’m liking this cartoon style loading screen.

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RIGHT?!?!? Much more aesthetically pleasing than Captain Slizzurp.

Not seeing stratus in the gilded crate.

Gilded HERO Crate. Check again! The wording is very specific in the patch notes.

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This time update pic is s caroon style is best upto

The new district in Bounty and the Ruby targets are an asset. I play without music and then the battle sound gets stuck and continues to run in the background. The coincidence is your friend and this coincidence sounds cool and would be ne nice idea to the devs to include this firmly in the game :wink:
It would be a cool idea, if you could invite a friend to a Ruby/5 like in co-op and kill the target together. So after selecting the target start or invite. Otherwise TopJob and :+1::+1::+1: to the devs!

How come pvp changes to the second hero at start of match? I have been noticing this and can’t figure out why this happens