March 2019 Events Schedule


you’re probably right.


Is there gonna be another Yaeger boosted bounty round?


There has been two bounty events per faction since factions started getting featured, so you can safely assume that there will be another Yeager boosted bounty. Although technically it isn’t ‘official’ until the April calendar comes out.


Tomorrow is april? Where is the april calendar?


wait for it. It should be coming soon




Tomorrow muthasuckasssss


Hopefully that wasn’t an early April Fools joke, lol


Every other time it’s been the day before though. Why not this time?
Edit: guess not January but the others have been


They did say this will be the biggest update thus far. So maybe that’s why…


Good point. Crossing my fingers it’s worth it.


I hope, at least, 1 more (and at least functional) new epic skin.

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