Looking for a strong alliance

Looking for 2 people. We are both over 1 mil in power, level 92 and 93 respectively, hit 1.5 to 2 billion in bounties. War focused as well. Active daily.
Looking to hit top rewards for bounties and win wars

Message me if you have 2 openings

What is your In game Name?

Most top alliances only care about top 20, so if you can share that for you and your friend, im sure a CO or XO will hit you up.

Can u share your and your friend’s top 5?

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I’m not really looking to go in one of the top alliances. I dont have the time to be on all the time like they want. Just want to go in a strong alliance were everyone actually participates instead of just a few

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TNEWS The New Squad would love to take both of you in! :wink: We are a 29 Million power alliance, that can get Milestone 1 in bounty, Platinum +2 Patrol Crates, and can place well in wars. We won’t have room for the both of you though until after war ends, so let me know if both of you guys are interested in joining! You can message me here @J_A_D_O or in game, J A D O.