Lightning in pvp

Are they going to fix the Krieger, Marianas,Halo,Kiyoshi lightning that is taking all the skill out of pvp? It was much more fun when you actually had to shoot the other team. It’s silly and I know a lot of people agree

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They recently did a change to Marianas skill. If you want to further help your team, get a ruby Matador and try to destroy their covers to shield your team.

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The team has already been nerfed to beyond uselessness, if you are still struggling against it I would suggest a good mech dps. Shivs is frontline same as Mariana so she destroys her easily, try using shivs in PVP and thank me later :smiley:


I’m not seeing the nerf

It happens when ur opponents r using those 3 mari’s best friends together… I also noticed that mari combo continuously attacking my heroes but, it is due to halo+kiyo+kreig together & not due to mari’s gold skill.

It really is annoying to have those energy squads in pvp, like a match over. I think they should only allow two of them in a pvp match.

Just kill Mari and you win the game. I don’t see what the big deal is with this team anymore. I’m sad because I use to use it haha


They’re all dangerous in their own unique way, but Mari keeps the damage constant. Target her first followed by Krieger. Halo and Kiyoshi become far less of a threat once those two are out of the picture.


Marianas has been heavily nerfed, the setup is very balanced and easily beatable. Try using mech heroes against them, they shouldn’t be any problem

I’ve been playing the game for almost 3 years. I think I know to use high dps mechs. If they are using all 4 of them they can still melt you. If they are using all 4 of them the lightning doesn’t stop when you kill Mari.

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This is similar to when Castellan was buffed to be stronger. Some complained that he was too strong. I have used him a lot and I have used “The Lightning Team” :grin::+1: a BUNCH as well and I’ve been beaten by this team a ton of times too. That’s the magnificence of this game is finding new player combos to combat these strong team combos that come out with each month’s updates. I personally look forward to it. I have read the comments and I’m gonna use some of the ideas people have put forth to use in my next round of pvp matches. :smiling_imp::wink::grin::+1:

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