Let's Work Together on the Pumpkin Hunt!


is there any pic of 83# apparently its on 11.9 normal but i cant find it .thanks in advance


What is the Google doc link?


Has anyone found the 98th pumpkin yet?


that pumpkin is in the biochem raid that drops tomorrow


Thank you all, was really glad to be a part of this scavenger hunt, see you in the game :slight_smile:


Hey Guys, Thanks For All The Contributions In This Event!

We’ve Finally Found All The 100 Pumpkin’s Location And It’s Added Into The Docs

I See People Are Asking Where Is The Doc Link, It’s At The Top Of This Forum Post Which You Can Navigate To By Clicking Here .


Fantastic work guys. I believe this is the first event where we have had pretty much the whole community working together. Certainly brought an interesting and new dynamic to the game. :wink:

@Nham Thank you very much for starting this post. Best idea ever !

And @HHG, big kudos to you. You guys did a most excellent job with this event.



Congrats to all! Great job Devs on this event, @Nham for starting this off and to everyone for contributing.

I don’t think the devs planned on us finishing this so quickly! They didn’t realize the power that a pumpkin-head Razorback skin would have to bring our community together.

I have a feeling they’re going to make the Christmas hunt a lot harder…


Tbh without the community coming together like this it would have been impossible to solve.

I think the devs had a lot of fun hiding those pumpkins cause without the help I got I wouldn’t have found 20% for sure


Pumpkin #98 Bio-Chem wave 3


I can’t find that one even though I see it on your pic. Strange. I use Ghoul, walking all the way to the right in Wave 3, look at the ceiling but see nothing there.


It’s behind you :slight_smile:


Aaw, I spent all my 3 raids looking the wrong way. :slightly_smiling_face:
Well, new attempts to get the pumpkin in a few days I guess.


For the daily raid ones you can do them on any difficulty with just one hero. If you can’t find it you just let the timer run out and fail the attempt. That way you can re-run it as many times as needed until you find them.


There is this YouTube named superfine he shows u the location of 99 of the pumpkins


The one he missed was the biochem raid


I cant get the list to refresh


I have officially closed the doc to editing, but people are still free to view the contents of the document so they can find those sneaky pumpkins and get that sweet candy!

Thanks you to everybody who contributed, it means a lot to me! I never expected this project to get so big, I though that only 4 people would care about it and it would just die, but this grew to be something bigger than my wildest dreams. You guys in the community made this come true,and it’s nice to see us come together as one to help one another.

I would like to thank the community for making this an amazing experience and a great thing to be apart of!

Happy Hunting!



Thanks everyone for this nice cooperation. Thanks @Nham for your initiative. Cya in game. :+1::+1::+1:


Thx u @Nham for initiating this threads, it helped lot of community, Alliance in this Scavenger Hunts…

As for the devs, you guys can take a conclusion also…
Hopefully there will be another Hunts for Christmas, and before that happened, throw us some new format for bounty events… the unexpected one if u have too, everything will be okay if u proceed with Christmas candy cane hunts… Seems everyone still happy, eventually…
Kudos for all of participants…