Let's Work Together on the Pumpkin Hunt!


I did, several times. Kew attempts tomorrow. :slight_smile:


may be u already shot it?? by any chance. check the events page ingame if u had by anychance got a legendery in gorgon


Hmm did u already collected it?


just some stages


Nope, no legendary Gorgon pumpkin collected.


Images for 8-1 hard #43


There is also a blue pumpkin (rare i guess?) in dojo wave two if you break the bricks I already used my dojo battle, so cant get pic
Got a screenshot for this one in case it hasn’t been added yet


Being that #88 (rare) and #98 (legendary) fall between the Gauntlet and Gorgon Wakes, I’m thinking they’re in the Solo Raids somewhere. Especially since the common pumpkin for Solo Raids was # 58. Anyone have any luck with this? I can’t get back into the Solo Raids until tomorrow morning.


#58 is listed specifically as the mech solo raid, which would suggest that 88 and 98 are in the bio and energy solos.


That makes sense, thanks


I saw this post and link and figured I would move it over to here this is the screenshots of quite a few of the pumpkins and it looks a little bit more organized than the spreadsheet because some of the screenshots don’t seem right on the google doc.


Where is the legendary on 6-2?


7-4 hard rare


Normal 6-2 Rare Pumpkin #67 - 2nd wave it’s any midline hero not just clyde, for the spreadsheet.


Thank you I got all of it


I cannot access the document to edit. Here are the 4-4 hard and 4-10 hard pumpkin locations. You need to be all the way to the rear right to see the 4-4 pumpkin.

  • co-op/duels/pvp worth noting that both of you can shoot the pumpkins (ie don’t need to ‘let them have it’ as it doesn’t affect the other player)
  • when hunting for pumpkins not in the doc Mandrake is quite useful since he lets you look without enemies obstructing your view. Alternatively, you can use dog and have weak-attack heros (ideally shielders or healers too) to act as sponges (eg butter will shield you, isn’t a strong attacker, and will taunt enemies leaving you alone to look around.
  • 6-normal is a bit disorganized in the doc
  • pumpkins 43, 45, 65, 79, 82, 83, 84, 95 have locations and pic in part one (can update part two)
  • pumpkin values would be nice to see in the doc (50,100,300) as well as total pumpkin points (I believe that would be 9000 if you manage to get all)
  • 7-4-hard


Normal 6-2 wave 2. Don’t really know which lane is the one with that hero, but go to the far right and look left, behind the others


lol that gave me a belly laugh

oh if you use dogs skills you can shoot pumpkins thru barriers without breaking the barrier, just a lil faster


4-10 Hard rare on top of crane can see in wave 1 and 2.