Let's Work Together on the Pumpkin Hunt!


Got another one in gauntlet 4-1
Turn to far left and find a police car where no hero can go
Blow it up and find the :jack_o_lantern:
Sorry for no screenshot
I can’ up load it


Just added the last few common pumpkins from the hard 8 and 9 districts.

We now have all 60!

Good job guys



Are there pumpkins in the PvP arenas? I haven’t touched the PvP box in months.


doesnt have to play PVP. just play duel with ur alliance mate with appropriate maps


Pumpkin #55 pop terminal in the hall to the right bro


Rare Pumpkin #65 is on stage 4-3. Use midline hero and in wave 2 move all the way left the. Turn right as far as you can. Edit: sorry about the volume overlay :frowning:


Don’t think this is found #92 legendary pumpkin. 6-2 normal 2nd wave using a middle line hero turn 180 around and hit a pile of rocks


which mission btw . will be useful


Lol I missed that 6-2 normal


1-6 on normal


Normal 1-6


From the PVP


The one in the Gorgon wakes





here is a list of the first few pumpkins.


I can’t get that pumpkin. I tried 6 times.


u mean the one from gw?


if i am right, there are 2 lights on ur left hand side in the wave 1.i dont remember which one though. just shoot both of em at the top of the light. it is there for sure