Let's Work Together on the Pumpkin Hunt!


Lol, beat me by a couple seconds :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @Rygel and @Poobgloob, added it into the docs.


On 3-9 Hard there is a second Rare Pumpkin under the left canon.


Thanks, added into the docs :slight_smile:


Thanks, it’s already in the docs.


How or where to view that google docs? Do you mind providing me a link? TIA…


Click on the “Pumpkin Search” Google Docs link at the top of this topic and you’ll be directed to view the docs


Got some in 7-6 8-4 and 7-7(hard)


Is that all in hard? And any description of where it locates? Best with screenshots if can :slight_smile:

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if this post is withdrawn by author we should save the docs in another post


Thanks Nham, huge help seeing as to how there’s 100 damn pumpkins and thousands of spots to hide em. Nice to see the community coming together.


Between normal stages 8-4 and 9-1 …there’s another stage with pumpkin… Has anyone found it yet?


Rare 4-10, second wave, up on the crane or something. Backline hero, look to the left and up.
Havent been able to take screenshot, sorry.


Does anybody have screenshot of calender


What mission is this image. I do not know what it is.


hi! it’s gauntlet 4-1 or 5-1. you need to destroy that police car


This is the best community effort I’ve seen in a game ever. Pizza slices to Nham for this, and popcorn to everyone contributing.


Those who found any pumpkins in stages mentioned above or the new ones of whose screeshots are not here, please give screenshot of them.
It would be very helpful in spotting the correct location of pumpkins.
I tried some of the stages mentioned above but didnt find any.
Also please write down the kind of difficulty ahead of the stage like 3-(Hard/Normal).
All are doing a great job.


Sorry for not having screenshots
Didn’t know this community exists when I found them
Found them in 7-6(normal) 8-4(normal)7-7(hard)
They’re all in wave 1(maybe) and I use midline hero
Sorry for wasting you guys’ energy :frowning:


this seems like the 4-1 mission