Let's Work Together on the Pumpkin Hunt!


Thx u @Nham for initiating this threads, it helped lot of community, Alliance in this Scavenger Hunts…

As for the devs, you guys can take a conclusion also…
Hopefully there will be another Hunts for Christmas, and before that happened, throw us some new format for bounty events… the unexpected one if u have too, everything will be okay if u proceed with Christmas candy cane hunts… Seems everyone still happy, eventually…
Kudos for all of participants…



This was really engaging. More events like this. This should be a monthly.


yea this was an awesome event and the Devs have already confirmed that there are gonna be Christmas related events, and I hope that another Scavenger hunt will be a part of those events.

Good job everyone, and extra thanks to @Nham for initiating this thread… was awesome to see everyone co-operating together as opposed to arguing over silly little things :smiley:


BUTP (Bring Up This Post)

In case there’s someone still hunting for pumpkins :slight_smile:


I can’t find just this #86 Rare Pumpkin


It’s on the doc :wink:

It’s on Atrium.


I can’t find the Atrium explanation…
I don’t know the location of the attached screen capture.


its on the left or right side,
not at enemy or at your side


Hmmm… that is not a very helpful explanation lol.

It will be either 90 degrees to the right/left depending on which side you are on. You need to bust both walls at the height of rear line heroes. Use a front liner as they break them faster.



You have to destroy the cover, the pumpkin is behind there. If you got time, hook me up in a PVP challenge and I will use my hero to point the location out. :slight_smile:
I am ULFPAM in the game.


I guess I’m stupid.
Are you saying that there is a box after breaking the bar on the second floor around 90 degrees?
Could someone just show me a screen capture once?


Picture a clock with 12 o’clock being directly in front of you and 6 o’clock being directly behind you. The pumkin will be at either your 3 o’clock (90 degrees facing right of your start position) or 9 o’clock (90 degrees facing left of your start position on the 2nd floor balcony behind a destructible railing/half wall. The 2nd floor balcony that the back line enemy and freindly troops are on wraps all the way around the atrium. It has a half wall that the troops kneel behind for cover. So take a wall killer, like Butters, turn right and blow out that 2nd floor railing/wall between your troops and the enemy troops. Don’t see it? Turn left and do the same thing. It’s just sitting behind one of those half wall pieces.

In the pic, it’s the upper floor half wall between the vertical columns, to the right of the hanging fern.


Thank you for your kindness.

You mean this wall? If I broke the wall, you wouldn’t see me. So you’re on the other side?
Sadly, they’re dead before they’ve broken both…
And the PVP atrium doesn’t get caught randomly.


just go duel 1v1 with your alliance, then…
You could set the place at the atrium…
So u will have a lot of free time to break all walls…


Lol, don’t go pumpkin hunting while in a normal match, like others said ask for a dual and go 1 vs 1, probably a midline is the best


I already offered to help you in a 1 vs. 1 duel. Hook me up in the game and we’ll get this sorted out.


Thank you very much for the brilliant idea, your effort and the ingenious help your list has given us.


Is it wrong for me to hope you’ll do another listium for Min’s event ?



Oh I see, you want the alternate format.