Let's Work Together on the Christmas Scavenger Hunt!


great job ninja on solving the mysterious last one :slight_smile: and thanks for sharing


Omg, good job and thanks dude !


For all the math nerds, graph makers, and otherwise OCD individuals who piece together these guides showing the mathematical probabilities of the placements of these presents… thank you ever so much. If you continue to post such things in the future it will inevitably help us all deduce the location of whichever item we need in the future scavenger hunts. Your mathematical ideas spawned other mathematical ideas in my head which helped me deduce the location by allowing me to view the maps in a more logical and systematic way. Without your help, it would have just seemed like shooting at random debris. For the sake of allowing me and others to help, as I just did, in the future… please continue to post your charts, graphs, equations, and other ideas. They helped tremendously. #91 is my, belated, gift to the community for the holidays. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both scavenger hunts I’ve participated in thus far, so please (Hothead) continue to roll out new hunts sporadically because they are appreciated and enjoyed. For anyone trying to reach out to me, my name is the same for the forums and in game. Peace.


Thank you NinjaJ for the Christmas gift of #91 to the community, much appreciated!!!


Thanks ninja. You deserve your name!
Thanks everyone who contributed and @Nham for organizing this thread.


Some one please help me to find legendary 95.

i am unable to find it in hard mission 7-2 (wave3)


great job ninja. well done


Thank you @MajykNinjaJ. Surprisingly nobody tag me and I didn’t get notified to add into the docs.

The docs are now complete with 100 pumpk… presents’ locations! (Still getting used to say pumpkin) :sweat_smile:

Thank you everybody for the participation! :laughing:



good work bro…

can you let me know, where is #95 present in hard 7-2?

i don’t get it in 3rd wave of hard 7-2. i have chosen dogface.


Did you read the note?

Use a rearline hero, move to the rightmost area and break the railing to expose the present, down below.

There’s one very important line here which is break the railing to expose the present.


is it for present #91 or #95?


Isn’t that you’re asking for #95 ?

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