Let's Work Together on the Christmas Scavenger Hunt!


So the 91 is gonna be in city hall raid that gives Kaishi frags, or power to the people coop raid.


Yes it is supposed to be. He confirmed in VIP chat yesterday that it wasn’t possible to get number 91 yet.


Am I reading this right? Is #22 out of order? 21-22-23 is 10-8, 10-1, 11-2?

Edit: nope, the locations are right but the numbers are swapped in the doc.


It doesn’t make too much sense that #91 is not in levels from normal 1-1 to 5-10 because of the scheme of the achieved presents’ chart… But anyway, anything can be in this game :sweat_smile:


devs said #91 is in game right now. Not it upcoming levels


Hello, im just curious, like when 4-7 normal, if im trying to hit it with like Maven, i shot and shot, but nuthing happends? why is tha


Did you check your present list to see if you already have it? The presents remain in the campaign after being shot.


yeah, my bad :stuck_out_tongue: i had already done it… :slight_smile:


there’s been a lot of comments but yet we’re still at 99/100 lol… oh man there’s not enough drugs in this city…


I’ve literally destroyed 1-x normal levels with front, mid and rear characters… But nothing. I’ve also done the first bunch of 2-x levels, many 3-x and 5-x levels, but without luck. Investing too many energy lightnings for this :frowning:


Updated with daily login bonus candy for the 21/Dec (The date may varies depends on your region)


I feel like present 91 really isn’t in game yet, or it’s a bug. How have we found all other presents within a few days, and it’s now been over a week and we still havn’t found 91?


It took three, maybe four, days to finish the pumpkin hunt. #91 is out there and hidden very well. The challenge for HH was to hide those legendaries, so we didn’t breeze through the event as easily as the last. They’ve managed to slow us down. Kudos to the one who hid #91.


I thought 91 was in the new coop raid starting? Tomorrow


not according to dev @LordNikon, it’d be nice if we could get a hint! lol @BombBella and @Howitzer and @Muninn


Hmmm. Lord Nikon said yesterday that 91 is definitely in the game and anyone should be able to just pop it.


Still no luck for me. Do we have a list of all the levels, pvp arenas, gauntlet areas, Single raid, and Coop raids that have been totally dismantled?


Still no luck on #91??


91 is most likely in normal district 1, maybe normal district 2… so search in there everyone


#91. NORMAL 1-5 1ST wave. Roll far right and shoot wall in front if you (rearline hero) look down between crates. Getting picture immediately.