Let's Work Together on the Christmas Scavenger Hunt!


Nevermind i just over looked it kind of strange to have both so close together.


Double Gifts:

1 - 10 Normal (Common & Rare)
4 - 8 Hard (Common & Rare)
6 - 1 Normal (Common & Legendary)
6 - 10 Hard (Common & Rare)
7 - 2 Hard (Rare & Legendary)

is not unusual


How do you collect the box in 6-1 normal under the ramp? I’ve shot at it with both a rear end and a midline and it won’t open


Try a front line hero I got it that way


Hey everyone, thank you for helping me to moderate the docs these 2 days while I am busying. Good to see everyone working with each others and we have one present left to complete 100 / 100 presents.

@Nham transferred the docs ownership to me, so I will review and finalized then lock the docs to view only once all the present founds.

Thank You :smiley:


and if u don’t mind, please sort the docs according to mission also… just like the previous pumpkin hunts…



I haven’t the slightest idea of where #91 is in 1-4. Multiple times have I demolished what I’m sure is the entire map’s cover, even from the connecting missions. No luck. :tired_face:


@Midy07 : are you sure about that ??

Your screenshot is about Halloween Hunt !

Now it’s Winter Holiday Hunt


Man what an idiot I am… I must have tapped the old one >< SORRY


Sorry false information, I swept the whole thing many times


can someone do me a favor?
i dunno where to find the docs?
i only had 30 presents i guess


Top of this post, remove the numbers in the address bar, so you get to the top.

Or press this if you’re lazy


I’m having issues with # 22. I found it, shot it but on my present list, it shows not found.

Any suggestions?


#90, I’ve tried all the mid line heros I have and seem to see the present on the right side under platform. In the picture it seems like your so lose, which hero are you using and what position are they in?


I’d recommend contacting HH support. For #90 a midline should do it. It is easier if you are on the left side.


Hi everyone, since there’s someone keep removing the photos or alternating the alignment of the docs, if it happen one more time I will have to lock the doc from editing since there’s only one present left from the list.


I’d recommend going ahead and locking it. Most of us know to come here to look for the latest found (i.e. #91). No reason we can’t just post it here.


@SenGz Lock It. If we find #91 we’ll post it here. That’s way better…


@VirtualBoyFreak Noted I’ve lock the docs, so if anyone found the present #91 please do post in the forum here and tag me @SenGz .

Happy Hunting Everyone :slight_smile:


Omni said in chat yesterday that number 91 isn’t out yet so it must be in the upcoming coop raid?