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#59 Bio Solo RAID, first wave on the left side behind that Container


I just found a legendary… #94. I assumed that each hard stage had a rare and that pattern holds true. AlsoI they seem to pick a lot of hards that don’t reward a fragment. I tried 2-2 and then 2-4. I found the legendary in wave 2 using backline by turning to the right and blowing up the car :slight_smile:


confirmed, it will immediately paste into the google doc


Any update on the doc?


There does appear to be a pattern in the rares. 60 to 72 seem to be 1 per region. So one in 1-X, next one in a 2-X, next one in 3-X, and so on. I’m on the hunt, sadly, about the time I find one, I see someone else just found it. Lol


@SenGZ Here’s #69, in 9-7 normal, wave 2, inside the sewer to the right. I used Maven. Pic attached. EDIT: I edited the Google Doc and added it, but I couldn’t change/find the box with the total amount discovered (we’re on 80/100 atm), and the text explaining where it is doesn’t appear… :frowning:


@SenGZ Another one: #66, in 6-8 normal, wave 2, go to the left. Look at the front, it’s behind the boxes. I used Maven. Pics attached. Discover count: 81/100. Please add to Google Doc when possible.


@SenGZ Another one: #71, level 11-3 normal, wave 3, behind you. I used Maven. Please add to Google Doc when possible. Thanks! :slight_smile:
(Discover counter 82/100).

And another one (I can’t post more than 3 times without someone replying, so I’ll have to edit this post as I discover them):

#93, level 12-2 normal, wave 2, go to the left and destroy wall in house. It’s behind the wall. I used Maven. Check pics. Please update Google Doc when possible. Discover count 83/100 :slight_smile:


#92 6-1normal; 3rd wave. End of Train. Destroy plate


For the people willing to help, presents 62, 63, 64 and 65 are 99% sure on normal difficulty levels 2-x, 3-x, 4-x and 5-x. Added to that, they’re 75% sure on “x” levels which don’t have another present already in them. Check the screenshot of the ones I have and you’ll see the pattern.


@VirtualBoyFreak Thank you, I’ve checked that all your postings are already in the docs (Perhaps you’ve already have access to it on some point).

While you’re replying, it’s my sleeping time over here so I’ve just wake up to have an update on this post.

Thank You.


2-4. #62. 3rd wave rear line. Move to far left




4-3 #64 front line first wave move all the way right then turn slightly right and down


Thank You @Viduus for the discovery hint, added 3 of the rare into the list.


All 3 are normal mode. Forgot to mention that


Normal 5-6 Wave three up on the ship.

Took me a bunch of shots to hit with Panzer at that distance.


Normal 12-3 frontline hero. Move far right and turn around to the left. Can shoot it through the hole in the wall.


Hard 2-10 first wave frontline move all the way right. Turn around to the left and through the hole in the wall.

I have my own google sheet looking for the patterns. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, added to the docs and corrected some mistakes such as hero line and direction.

Note: I will be busy after few hours as I have a family member wedding and having ceremony on today and tomorrow. If you have difficulties on accessing edit mode, please keep try again as someone will leave the doc from time to time and you can get into edit mode.