Let's Work Together on the Christmas Scavenger Hunt!


hard 9-1, #45 and it’s wave 1 in front of you. won’t let me upload photo but it’s obvious like most commons


5-3 normal wave 1


4-7 Bottom right hand corner of the 1st wave


Energy RAID Part 2


So far sso good


There’s one in 1-5 normal, pretty hard to miss


@The_Riddler, I really appreciate you getting the holiday Halo skin to take all these screenshots. Looks awesome!


@SenGz in Google Docs there are some present rows missing: 71, 72, 74, 75, 76… It’s as if someone deleted the complete rows. Thanks for your work, btw. :slight_smile:


Hello Nham.
Deep bow and thank you very much for your renewed help and your commitment to help everyone. In return, I wish you the best Christmas present you have ever wished for.


12/7 Hard. First wave. Straight on.


“Christmas Scavenger Hunt” is an event that a lot of players are involved with, and honestly I SUCK IT, if some of them like to delete something. If you have no idea how it works then leave it alone or use Ctrl + Z to undo it (cell 71 - 72 and 74 - 76 have been deleted)


Why are people doing this, you sad pieces of S@#&


Thanks for the heads up, according to the doc’s revision changes, it seems to be missing at the very beginning, so there’s nothing missing over there, possibly @Nham might missed out while creating the docs.

No worries on deleting the content in the docs like it happen on yesterday, I am able to restore it to any point since the document was created.


Pictures are shit this time ty for most of them though


I do not understand, and I do not have anything to do with anyone. What are you talking about?

ขอร้องหล่ะ หยุดเอาผมไปเกี่ยวข้องกับใครได้ละ
Doc คือใคร ใครคือ Doc อะไรของคุณ?


So there’s not much update on the rare presents, are they really hard to find?

Or if you do found one not in the list, please do let us know so we can add into it :slight_smile:


Working on a separate sheet right now looking for patterns.

Worked well for the last two pumpkins that I found.

Only difference is we’re missing about 23 overall pumpkins. haha


Hey bud, I bet you’re still on Halloween mode. :smiley:


You can also narrow things down a bit:
#62 - #67 befinden sich im Normal Mode 2-1 bis 8-8
#69 Normal Mode 9 - ?

Missing from #74 - #84 in hard mode

#87 I suppose in mech Raid (why? 88Energy and 89Bio are also in Solo Raid, and fact 2, 57-59 also refer to solo raids)

… but honestly I have no idea where the Legendary could be


I have everything laid out now. Just slowly going through. With so many missing, patterns are harder to find. Will update as I find them.

Checkpoint - I would imagine #87 is there. Would be messed up if the other ones had 2 and mech only had one. Haha