Let's Work Together on the Christmas Scavenger Hunt!


Sewers in PvP, inside a sewer to the left (or right, I guess, depending on where you begin). #85 rare.


MINS Danger Simulator !!

Every Wave i think, left House from Christmas tree upper Window !!
Legendary 100


WHOOOO, you guys are fast!


@Nham So this time round to make things easy we just sort the gift box based on the # gifts instead of based on mission last time. I will have an eye on the docs, since this time round it’s lesser work compare to last time


Normal 1-1 Exactly at the Cross hairs . This might be a little better for 50 canes on present #1.


Gauntlet 3-1 to the right up on the rock ledge.


what happened to the doc? it appears empty for me


Someone deleted everything… lol
@Nham make it private next time :no_mouth:


yeah someone always has to be a dick and ruin it for everyone


You can’t make it private, if doing so other contributors couldn’t make changes to the docs. I’ve restored it before the delete, there’s always an backup on all the changes in the docs. So no worries :slight_smile:


Legendary Present #98
Gauntlet Sector 4, Mission 2.
You have to use a TopLine hero and destroy your own barrier on the right side.


1-2 hard mode. Sitting in the helicopter


Normal 1-10 right where the cross hairs are


My favorite post! :slight_smile:


Energy Raid soon as you start bottom right behind enemy.


the 73 is in difficult 1-1 well hidden


Is it view-only now? I can’t seem to edit…

Also, for present #88:
Energy Solo Raid, 2nd wave, rearline, go all the way to the right and look to the far left


Also, 71-76 aren’t showing up on the list for me. Not sure if that’s the case for anybody else.


Present #51
Hard 12-3. 1st wave, near the car on the right side.


Why it isn’t updating? The doc is same as last night