Lag at the start of war

So another war season, and even more lag… it was really bad this time. I had to restart the game several times and was completely locked out of chat for the first 30min. This makes coordinating a team nigh impossible.

Please ca you look into this? And please don’t just delete this post like last month.


welcome to hero hunter bro, this is not new always happens,


It’s normal.
The servers needs some time to load everything.


Yeah it was pretty horrible :frowning:


It shouldn’t be normal. There’s been over 10 wars seasons. This shouldn’t happen


Exactly… it should not happen. And it is getting worse

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Reported the issue to support and all they can offer is ‘restart your game’. This seems to be the standard reply these days when reporting problems and issues do not get resolved.


This was by far the WORST lag ever experienced. Couldnt even load chat at reset. Vip chat was silent for over 20 minutes!
Please do something about this. Makes the game a miserable experience for all

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This sounds like HHG needs a serious upgrade of their infrastructure to handle the higher session count of inbound traffic. They’re going to need to seriously look at getting a much bigger router or stagger the start of War for each groups because right now, it’s no different than a real like DDOS attacks where everyone is hitting their servers at once.

…bigger router?


Sorry I’m all in support of the community and the comments regarding the lag …

…But I can’t help myself


No funny… and not the first time… :sob::sob::sob:


U.S. x Xfinity x Verizon. I didn’t lag at all. Seriously.

Same, I didn’t, and haven’t ever experienced a lag before with AW.

As we all know, this is a player problem, not a HH problem. “Check your internet connection and make sure it is stable.”

@ Hauma you are not alone with the problem. My WiFi is also unstable only during the start of the WAR (or to reset). The last 10 seasons it has always been stable so far, have to speak to my provider

This is bad real bad this time

Part of it being so bad is the fact there’s a new hero, so competition has ramped up more than normal, meaning more people trying to access the war function at reset means more issues connecting.

As they’ve said, they’re working on potential solutions, but it takes time. Even if that means installing a bigger router…


Servers make a difference not so much routers

Lags continues

I have amazing phone and awesome Internet. This issue is full troubles with game servers.

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We have these routers in orbit, ready to deploy.