Kurtz Silver (Execute) still not working

Hey Dev team. Just wanted to let you guys know that Kurtz Silver (Execute) is still “bugged” or just not properly working. When ever i try to use his Silver skill, its a hit or miss. Sometimes it works & sometimes nothing happens where teamate or enemy doesn’t get executed. If you need me to post a video i can. I hope this is something that will get fixed asap. Thanks for your hard work & support HH.

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did you send a ticket to support? cuz thats what they told me to do everytime I see this bug even tho I sent them tons of tickets and he is still bugged. too much bugs for 1 hero.

Yep. I sent them a ticket to. A very long one to but respectful lol.

Thanks gleesh – it happens more often when u stun an enemy.

If you have said video it will help a lot with diagnosing and fixing the bug :slight_smile: good to see y’all being constructive with your feedback and not screaming you paid lots of money for a hero that doesn’t work properly :1st_place_medal:

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