Kurtz cancelled event compensation


Saw the reward but didn’t collect it then because I wanted to use the energy later. Barely a few days and it’s gone already! Normal stuff in mail takes slightly more than a week to expire but guess they didnt want too many ppl collecting it. :cry:


Same boat. But I lost reward for GooglePlay Award during Holidays. Energy and gold. Support say what I don’t get back nothing.


Smh claim your stuff right away next time so that won’t happen


Same here sss…I myself was sorta saving the rewards to collect a bit later and they just disappeared from my inbox. Reached out to the Devs but only got blah blah blah. This is really really bad on their part


It helps if you don’t hold onto rewards. Many of them expire quite quickly, to keep people from holding onto energy to game events. We’re not able to replace lost rewards.

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But it would help if you guys would at least put an expiration date on the rewards…that way we then have no excuse. But to just take them away from us surely can not be the best solution to this dilemma


Also…the rewards weren’t lost…they were taken away


No, they were lost. To be taken away, you would of had to of claimed them and had them in your possession, then the devs would of removed them from your account. You never claimed the rewards sent to you, hence you lost the chance to get them.

I do agree though, having a timer would help solve this. You should always collect the rewards as soon as you see them to be safe.

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I lost mine too because I was saving up the energy to use it for upgrades and the Easter hunt…


Fairly sure I saw it was limited time, so I claimed em quickly. Things won’t wait to be claimed forever

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Exactly this. Don’t be a hoarder.


Totally Agree with the reasoning, and always claim mine ASAP, but maybe a push notification could be added letting people know to “Claim your reward before it expires!”