Jcj balance?


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It IS fixed according to your screenshots. You are given a big power advantage in those matches, which is why you’re generally winning.

In the first screenshot, you have a 3 star difference, he has 2. Your ranks are tighter, but overall this is a pretty even matchup and with a 1k power difference, this looks great. There should be no complaints here.

In the second shot, you also have a power advantage. A bit of a rough match since he’s pretty unbalanced, but it clearly couldn’t have been that unfair if you won it.

Third shot, you have a 6k power advantage. This is the fix you’re asking for. You won the match so I’m not sure what you’d be complaining about here. It looks like the system is doing its job perfectly here.

Fourth shot - Same as the third… You have more than 10% power advantage over him and you won anyway. You’re kinda proving that the system is working.

Fifth shot - You have almost double his power…? What exactly are you even wanting?? You’re asking for a fix meanwhile showing examples of “the fix” already helping you win.

Sixth shot - This looks fine…? What’s supposed to be wrong with this? Two very balanced teams facing each other. I genuinely can’t figure out what you’d be upset about here.

Last shot - You’re both equally unbalanced. You have a 1-metal, 3-star difference. He has a 2-metal, 2-star difference. This looks completely fine as well.

Grow up and find a new derogatory term to use.


While I agree with a lot of thing you said, especially the last sentence!!

He does have a point with the last 2 pictures shown, he uses lvl 60 hero’s to keep his power wayyyyy down, and this is a problem that is getting bigger and bigger, I’ve even stopped leveling them, I regret not doing it earlier


I don’t mean to suggest that the system is perfect or that bad matchmaking doesn’t exist - because it does. Likewise, I’m not trying to assert that those people aren’t taking advantage of the system that’s in place.

Bad matchmaking exists, but this is not an example of it; and it distracts from the actual issues with the algorithm. The system can absolutely be improved, but using examples of perfectly healthy matchups and masquerading them around as some sort of unjust atrocity prevents productive and direct discussion on what needs to be fixed and how.


Agreed Screenshot_20181227-131403