Is war becoming P2W?

Just open up another tier for top 30 teams and for players beyond lvl 95 with ruby heroes.

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It’s definitely not pay to win in the traditional sense. You can still do relatively well, you just have to spend a lot more more time or have a lot more skill than others.

With that being said, paying gives you a HUGE advantage. Just look at PVP. You pretty much are guaranteed a hero that nets you 30x points right away, you have a bigger roster of maxed heroes to build teams with, and you get an extra heart (25% more lives) on all your heroes. You also get more resets if paying gold.

I’m fine with paying to get benefits like this. Obviously if you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars you should have a noticeable advantage. My problem is in Alliance Wars there is really no way to beat a team that has a couple high level ruby players. You can’t devote more time or be more skilled. Sure you can co-ordinate with your team better, but as I said, if the other team has ruby players they are most likely pretty co-ordinated themselves and then it comes down to numbers. Having to use 20+ BP to chip away and kill one 150k ruby team is going to mean you lose to that alliance every time.


War is war, some will gun hard for level 95, most wont. It’s a game. I can’t believe all the whining. Some teams will have level 95s and do a little better, but others without 95s and good activity will still do well. Some players have great jobs and spend money on their HOBBY, this game. It is what it is. Enjoy the game and have fun.

Whining? It’s nearly impossible to beat a 145k team with a 125-128k team and take the sector