Is war becoming P2W?

So the level cap to reach Platinum+6 and Ruby is now level 95, praises and happiness are given but now the implications of this decision are going to hit the game’s most popular game mode. Whether this was considered or not, war has now become indirectly pay to win. Just a thought, maybe I’m cynical from playing at the top tier for too long, but this move that would have been a year away and sure the argument can be made that they could have jumped to 100 by paying like Marine or Hater did. But the playing field was equal for a lot longer yet, now 95 has thrown it off balance and war will be determined by who is going to pay to reach it, BP means nothing if they have 4 teams of 130k+. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong in this belief, open to discussion.


You are very right and we will probably rank lower unless we can recruit a level 95 or up because we face imbalanced alliances in war.


Not only that, but this entire change from 100 to 95 automatically invalidates the very effort of players that made it to 100 already. The sole purpose of them making it to 100 was for being able to upgrade to ruby. Regardless of what happened or what was said after people were glitching for rubies at 95, it completely undermines the advantage they rightfully deserved. 5 levels sure its not that many levels but its definitely lots of money & time & exp. I think we all knew for a while now that the game had become pay to get ahead, but with this I feel i can finally say its actually pay to win.

Edit: Apparently I’m “spamming” this same comment because I’m replying to posts that literally have my exact thoughts in mind & not giving valid criticism wnd only complaining. I was given a warning LMAOOOOO
They’re aware of the criticisms but are choosing not to address it purposely


Not really. Everything is pay to win to some extant. The people who paid to get ruby first were unbeatable in faction fight? Briefly.

Why I think war won’t be pay to win any more so is that klg sectors will get higher with these players higher power. More high powers will have to be in same alliance. These higher power alliances will get matched together, not with lower alliances. Eventually a higher power war bracket will be opened. As all players continue to level up it will balance just as before level increases.


I think that the ‘p2w war mentality’ you described was inevitable anyway, since at some point, the higher level players would start to reach Lv100 (initiating that power race). The devs just accelerated that process by lowering the bar across the board.

Probably unfortunate, but it was bound to happen ever since Ruby was released.

Remember when we unlocked Gold Skills? We got the same complaints. Try to view these new power tiers as carrots, not sticks.


So what happens when all the level 95+ guys band together to form a super alliance? Who are they going to be matched against when most people are at level 92-93?

The same thing that happens when there are 11 Alliances in the top tier. The five left over get matched with someone lower. This isn’t new. Some Alliances might have a rough time, and may be at a disadvantage compared to players who worked a little bit harder to secure an early advantage. When we opened up Gold, and Platinum, we went through the same thing. It’s not as bad as you might think.

I get that it’s natural to think the worst when a sudden change is dropped in your lap. I hear your worries, and I understand why some of you are upset. Just remember that success isn’t a number. If it was, we would just award the win to the highest-powered Alliance. Instead, we ask you to use strategy and coordination to best use the resources you have available to you. You haven’t lost yet.

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I hope this is the case, we are 38.5m and we’re matched with a 45m alliance at the top pool last war and my only fear is this will worsen as more reach ruby before others, the normal user is still several months away from 95 of which a natural balance will find its way back to the game I just hope the damage this may cause in between isn’t drastic

Remember all the talk about it taking a year to make Ruby? Irrefutable calculations and doom, doom, doom? Look at how much has changed.

All you can do is try to stay calm and keep having fun. Games are supposed to be fun!


They should open a new bracket now. Especially for everything.

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The game is still fun :slight_smile: I don’t think ruby is effecting me. I’m no where near 95 but everything is fine.

I don’t think this is a real issue, strong team blocking you? Airstrike, cut them, go around.
There’s lots of options in aw.

That sucks, but it’s not even the biggest issue imo. How do you face a team that has 150k for their top 5? The best team pre-ruby is still under 130k, and that’s IF you own every top power hero in the game. You literally can’t beat the top teams, or you have to throw so many resources chipping away that Alliance will have a HUGE advantage. 1 or 2 ruby players can literally use up all the BP of an Alliance without any rubies themselves.

Alliance Wars weren’t even out when gold or platinum skills were unveiled? It sucked in PVP, but at least you could use skill to somewhat compensate. Now there is literally nothing you can do in AW. Sure you can strategize, and might get lucky facing a poorly organized team, but that’s unlikely. Most teams with ruby players play a LOT and know what they are doing.

What’s REALLY mind boggling is why this change was made. Why make BOTH 6 bar and ruby available at 95? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have kept ruby at 100 and made 6 bar platinum available at 95? This way it’s not quite as big a jump in power from 94 to 95.


I’m not able to debate or explain design choices, unfortunately. Feel free to give your feedback and I’ll pass it along. Thanks!

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Sadly and even more so as sickening as it is… this is their complete and utter intention. Either whale out or gtfo its frickin so sad and pathetic that these companies have become so insanely greedy that this is where they have taken something that used to be so amazing.


This game is by all means not pay to win smh

War hasn’t and never will be “p2w”. You just need a good leader and folks to follow orders.


Yep we are a smaller alliance in expert woth some bigs and a few smalls and we are rank 57 atm. Just requires coordination but we don’t even use discord.

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