Is my squad strong? Please suggest i have attached a screenshot

Also i am confused with adding a medic or a good team healer to my squad, flatline or gammond?

I suggest you work on getting those stars up. Since you are still gold, Gammond is good team healer, matador, heimlock. Cain has the benefit of the shield that heals.

Certain folks will have better skills once you make it to platinum.

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Thank you so much for your response, much appreciated…will do that😊
I need to wait and work a long way to get them to platinum as it says i should reach level 60 to upgrade them to platinum :grin:

Early game the best healers are: Keel, nightingale, heim and Duran

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Thank you so much for you response :blush:

Honestly. You have a very great variation of damage dealer, I do reccomend butter and just any other shielder, and get a good medic like keel which should be easy to get, maybe phalanx would work

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Thank you so much, will see to this. :slight_smile: