Is it me... or is the game becoming more lenient on Min/maxers?


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I think we need to start by making PVP matches give xp. That would make it impossible for players to keep their level lower on purpose to min/max. I see no drawbacks at all to doing this. It might take awhile, but everyone would eventually get those low leveled heroes leveled up if they wanted to PVP.

Then I think we need to look at hero skills. Platinum and gold skills should be significantly better than bronze and silver. That would make people want to actually level up in rank rather than keep their Panzer at silver when she is 10*.

These two changes alone would go a long way towards fixing PVP. Obviously the second would take a ton of work to balance properly. In the meantime the devs could just make skills not add power to a hero. That way getting 10* silver isn’t that much higher in power than 10* platinum, but you have a couple extra skills that are at least semi-useful in most cases.

While I am not sure these changes would completely fix the min/max problem, they would at least be a band-aid fix until something more permanent comes along. At any rate they would be better than the nothing the devs are doing now about min/maxing.


Still going on, still infuriating

Edit: These pieces of shit never stop, and the game is supporting them.


Sorry for cursing, I’m just so pissed off. It’s relentless, 9/10 matches are min/max with the same power as me.


It is and will CONTINUE to be BROKEN till the devs fix it. Acknowledging the issue is one matter. Addressing and fixing is another matter altogether…


Someone please help cause I DONT UNDERSTAND.

When conducting experiments, I used a min/max of a 8* plat with a bunch of 5* silvers and get a huge difference (29k vs 22k). But whenever I used a team that’s as balanced as possible, I run into a min/maxers that’s my power. There’s now consistency here, nothing governing matchmaking. Matchmaking is broken, it needs to be fixed.

And I’m sorry I keep on posting on this thread, its just that I don’t understand and maybe someone here could help.


It seems the game penalizes star power much more than bar rank. There’s also some other things it likes to nail you for.

I did a ton of testing and when I would run only 3 heroes, all 8-10* and platinum and leave 2 spots open I would get penalized HARD. I am talking anywhere from 8-18k difference in my opponent’s favor.

In the case above your teams are actually really close. I am guessing his hidden PVP player rating is pretty low because he is using a pretty crappy 7* plat hero with them. I mean you still won.


What is this min/maxing exploit? I was accused of it once. The only experience I could think it referred to was when I would get paired with a player who had bronze and green 10* heroes (one being prophet). Sure the 5* heroes I had at that time got blasted. I was disappointed that was I always losing to that squad but then my HH IQ increased and I got Panzer to 6* then obliterated Prophet.


This thread has been dead for 4 months, please leave it that way :stuck_out_tongue:


This may seem like a dumb question or over simplifying, but why cant we just have pvp max out players at a given level? If you are in the highest level bracket, all your heroes are plat, lvl80, max skills when used in pvp and so on. They do it for the brawl when you slowly pick teams (which people seem to not like due to its slow nature of setup) so why cant we just level the playing field here? I know it eliminates a layer of strategy, but it also causes all these issues we all feel constantly.

I say just bite the bullet and make every character even. There is still value in leveling up/starring/barring guys for pve stuff. And if people really dont like that, split the leagues into what it is now (unlimited) and where all levels are equal (standard). At least then when people complain or get annoyed they can move to standard play.


Ouch, I REALLY hate this idea (sorry). The entire point of this game is to increase your hero power in order to use them better… And you want to take that away…? You’re completely defeating the purpose of the game.


It depends if your sole purpose if for pvp. If so it can take something away from that, but leveling the playing field has to happen. I personally only play pvp when i have to. Its too frustrating.


I agree, leveling up your hero is just as important in PVP as it is PVE. Some might even argue more so.


But the argument can go the other way. I would say its more important NOT to upgrade your heroes in pvp to keep the advantage. This is how people are doing min/maxing in the first place. Don’t lvl past 45/50, keep lesser guys in silver, dont upgrade skills, its all against the idea of upgrading to keep an advantage. This is argued as either a level of strategy or exploitation. It ultimately gives an unfair advantage against those who play the game the way its designed to be played.

If the incentive isnt there for pve or other gameplay to upgrade heroes, people dont since they have the advantage in pvp.


Then the solution should be to fix the system, not completely remove the point of the game :stuck_out_tongue:


PvP matchmaking it’s worst at this moment.
I don’t play PvP a lot, but I am always active during different PvP events specially tournament’s, and keep my rank in top 500 or with some extra effort if I have enough time; in top 200.
I usually use my 8* and 9* hero’s as A team with 59-62K team power, after I lost my A team, I use other teams with 50K team power or less, and this is where I start to face min/maxers, and almost in all of those matches I am the one who getting penalized not min/maxer. It’s so frustrating.

As I said before; Instead of releasing one new hero every month, developer’s should work on balancing hero’s and matchmaking, because it’s ruining user experience, I am at good place, I can compete, but people who are not at high level, they suffering from terrible matchmaking and min maxers, because they play the game as it meant to played.
I have 6 friends that I suggested them this game, they spend money on it, and after 40 Day’s they are uninstalling the game because of this.

Stop releasing new hero every month
one hero every two months until you fix matchmaking and min/maxing problems.

Also I have to download all game data every single day, contacted in-game support and they did nothing about it.


Eh i suppose it depends on what you consider the point of the game. If the point is pvp to you, then sure I see your point. I guess i just find fun in other areas than just straight up pvp.

My idea was to fix pvp in a way. It eliminates min/maxers, allows you to increase your character level as you want without feeling penalized either way, and still lets pvp feel good and strategic. The only part missing is the strategy around whether you level up guys to a certain point. I’m personally fine with loosing that layer of strategy if it means pvp is in a better spot. But thats just my opinion.


We run regular Draft tournaments for players who want a more conducive competitive environment. Within that rule set the majority of the potential edge from mismatched progression is removed.

The absence of per-match rewards is to incentivize winning matches solely to place higher on the leaderboards instead of playing continously to farm resources. Draft Tournaments can be very lucatrive for significantly lower time investments.


It doesn’t become more lenient on min maxers, it just punishes not leveling your skills harder.

The algorithm thinks this is an okay match-up, because his skills are all level 80, while my Kaiashi only has is bronze maxed out and the rest is untouched.
That the advantage I get with that is significantly smaller than he gets with running the 9.5k power gap isn’t taken into account, as well as the lack of cash.

Another example. My castellan has only maxed out his bronze too, while his skills are all maxed out. He gets slightly punished, but still in the range of a bad match-up with equal teams.

The conclusion is, max out your skills and run an unbalanced team. The one that gets punished isn’t you, it is the one who tries to get some variety in PvP and therefore has to level up the skills of more than 5 heroes.