Ifrit isnt he too over powered

At crate tier 3 or 4 you get him guaranteed.
I upgraded my Ifrit to Gold 5* and been annoying people in PVP by slowing them down almost permanently. He’s such fun! Great job on designing Iftit, developers.

Kevin you’re 100% right I have to be honest
I beat my drum about nightingales new skin mandrake and flatline it’s similar it’s just hard to deal with certain players will exploit system flaws or if you don’t have those characters you can’t counterbalance your team

In his bio it speaks of discombobulate not silence all heroes it’s a glitch at the moment
Your whole team skills will be silenced and you start moving at 60% of your speed it’s a glitch

The speed down is intended.

Bro just look at the post were talking about a glitch in which is not discombobulating it’s silencing the Whole team
silence is not part of the characters bio
just look
we get it it’s part of the characters
To slow you down 60%
That’s part of his skills on the other hand nothing says silencing one team member or all the team members as part of his bio so thanks anyway

No you don’t


Been playing around with Ifrit (Gold 6*) for a while now in different modes and so far he’s definitely not OP. The other way around; I feel he’s a bit underwhelming! His DPS is silly, his healing isn’t awesome - he can’t heal himself which is a bit booh because his health is low, and I never feel the effect from the DPS increase during Showtime.

Had no problems with him in the few matches I had against him. Don´t know how much effect his Platinum has, but at Gold he is no threat at all.

I forgot his Gold skill. I have never seen any effect of it but I will be more observant.

Maybe try him in a challenge, easier to check his skills?

Well I just faced a team with him at plat and it seems like the potential to be OP is there. At least with the right team. It was Nightingale, Caine, Mandrake, Flatline, and Ifrit. I killed Flatline first, then Caine. Flatline pops back up. Then I finished off a weakened Mandrake. Caine and him both pop up almost instantly after Mandrake die. At this point I end up starting to lose heroes. Game ends with him winning with all 5 heroes alive and me not having any, even though I killed 3 of his heroes before he even killed one of mine. Also, Night didn’t even have her skin.

Seems like an extremely frustrating team to try and beat. Lower dps, but between the heals, shields, invis, and TWO characters reviving it’s near impossible to keep anyone down. Go after Ifrit first and Flatline revives him, go after anyone else and they get revived. And that’s if you can actually burst anyone down, Mandrake invis and Caine and Nightingale’s quick heals and shields make that a challenge in and of itself.

That sounds awfull. Against this Team you have to hope to kill Irfit first and then Flatline. Which, with the higher Hp and the support cast is next to impossible.

Will have to face him more, if he is weak in the health department and easy to burst down it might not be an issue. He might need some sort of cap or timer on his plat skill though. Maybe a max of 2 or 3 heroes can be revived in a match? Or a 30-45 second timer between revives? I dunno. I really hope this doesn’t become the meta because it was not a fun match.

I was waiting for the platinum version to hit PvP… finally someone who seen first hand what I predicted a few weeks back…personally I only have him at gold 2…at this stage he isn’t overpowered… he is fair up to this stage… but I never wrote this post because of all his abilities just one his platinum version… basically In the coming PvP tournaments get ready for platinum ifrits guys… I honestly will sympathise with those who do not have him…

I’m starting to feel the op point, had 4 matches in a row end in a draw, just because they run an healer team which can’t kill anymore since they don’t do damage since the update, I’m not fearing instand Kills anymore but endless death revives that takes hours.

15 minutes of PvP and not even 1 person won, and I’m not running a full healer team, it’s just impossible to get through those teams, even with 2/3 damage dealers

From what I see below Platinum Ifrits are pretty much only a trivial threat in PvP. Even at Platinum, Ifrit requires a very specific strategy to work, requiring multiple supports and other healer/tanks to work well (Flat, Caine, Heim). It certainly seems to be on the lower end of the spectrum amongst PvP heroes for now, but time will tell eventually.

Ifrit is kinda lousy even at Gold. Dunno about plat, havent’ gotten there yet. But the plat Ifrits I’ve faced have been not much of a threat (so far).

Thanks for telling me what team to construct. I have won every match so far with no deaths!

I think the description of Showtime could need a re-wording. It doesn’t increase everyones damage by 500 per second.

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So i played some matches against Irfit/Panzer/Nightingale/Flatline and I must admit that you cant beat this setup. You cant even get Irfit down with his silver skill cofusing your whole team. And if you do, he gets revived by Flatline.

He is as OP as he looked like in the beginning. A 180k+ insta!! heal. Bonus health, bonus damage, confusing and slowing down yout whole team with ONE skill? Bonus health for every dying Hero, and if you get him down, every!!! other hero gets Bonus health in the hight of his WHOLE Hp for the rest of the match? Reiving EVERY hero you kill after 15 seconds?
His four skills have effects that are enough for 7 Skills.

I mean he gets 20k+ Bonus helath from every fallen hero. So how are you supposed to kill him in 15 seconds? There isn´t even a decent energy damage dealer to go after him. You have to rely on mech or chem, so you dont even have an element advantage against him.
You HAVE to go on him first, because otherwise he will revive all the support, preventing him from getting killed.