How to farm the 20-30k gold farmers happily


I agree with the punishment of Vo2, and I had the feeling it was a little bit better last few days, but I also get matches at the same power with 3x 13k platinum heros and a 2x a 7k gold flatline and Caine, these are insane.

I agree that we need to punish players for miss using the system, but here I have 2 screenshots of an alliance member, I know he uses a silver hero in his setup up, but I must say this is weird, knowing others even do it worse and get punished Les.


Now everyone is doing the doggy style lol cheers farmers. :rofl:


But that’s not being punished for abusing the system. That’s sounds like a bug to me, not an intended matchmaking.

The weakest hero of the bot almost doubles the power of every hero on your friend’s team

I don’t understand you. At all. It’s almost as if you were typing random words to me


@GTSaiko Yeah, he is mad about something, probably because a lot of guys either played a lot, spend a lot or are a beta player, and he can’t use his silver team with a platinum dogface anymore to whipe out noobs, which I like, leave the noobs alone at their power lvl


@ krat LoL omg plzzzzzzzzzzz is a bug. This post was intended to HHG. Till you crybabies came. Well since u luv it so much, I”LoL retitle it for u gold farmers. LOL!


Due to overwhelming response from loser, please do try out the doggie style and have fun .

And your most welcome to post your success here for dev review lol.


Gold farmers? And using a platinum with silver should be punished


Explain what a “gold farmer” is and how this is exploiting the system. I don’t get it.


Is quite a large community, they usually hang around 20-40k power. You will surely encounter them as u grow. Mostly at G-0 and 6-8 stars.
Waiting to pawned on new players.


Stuff like this should be punished, not helped…


Good example lol G-0 and plenty of starssssss


Any chances that what you call ‘gold farmers’ are just people who want to have a balanced gold rooster for different events like bounty or limited raids instead of a single team of Plat heroes and the rest silvers?

I know some people who want to gold all heroes before jumping to platinum.

Now that’s what I call a shitty matchmaking. I’m guessing your heroes have low skill levels… But even if they do, thats as unfair as it can get (not counting bugs like the screenshot on OP message)


The PVP brackets, Challanger, Champion etc… Shows what levels are playing in your bracket correct? I am 56 and get matched with 60-70s is this a bug or does it match with team power?


I must say thanks to the original poster, you managed to break PvP even more

Since he made this public I’m fighting these team non stop, this is the 5th in a row…

@JLee , people miss use the power system, that’s why you fight insane matches

PvP is broken

The PvP brackets only affect the ranking rewards, since it would be unfair for a level 10 to compete in score with a level 70 player. But if a level 70 player uses a group of 5 green heroes with 1 star, he will most likely fight a player from a lower bracket.

Matchmaking only uses raw power (and punishments for abusing the system) to find a battle


I still don’t understand why this is a mad matchup / exploiting of the system. His team is fairly balanced. Me myself have 3 Platinum heroes, each one normally lead his own team consisting of Gold heroes at 7* - 5*… Is that wrong of me? Am I misuing the PVP system? I really don’t want to.


To be honest, my PvP team has a similar disparity to that screenshot. I don’t think that’s abusing matchmaking. Its just that Nightingale, Flatline and Drake have lower power than others heroes. 6* gold Nightingale has 300 power less than 5* gold Ryker, for example.

If we combine that with the fact that Dogface is the easiest hero to farm for VIP players, Himor’s team may not be out of malice or willingness, but just him trying to do his best with what he has.


Yeah, having all heroes at the exact same power level is harder than anything else in the game!
When I use my Dogface team, then Dogface who is promoted to Platinum (9*) is by far the most powerful one. Same when I use my Odachi team. Odachi will outnumber his team mates by thousands. Even if I put Odachi and Dogface in the same team there is a difference between them due to Doggie having more stars (but the difference is not huge I see now). My third Platinum hero is Oracle, still at 6 stars, has about 2000 less power than Odachi but still a 1000+ higher power than my highest powered Gold hero. I have no idea how I could build a PVP team without huge difference in power between the heroes.


There ARE players who only own miss matched teams and are not trying to wrought the system. Not everyone can throw endless money at this game or they may not have been playing as long as some. It’s a game for everyone so stop whinging, stop worrying about what everybody else is doing, concentrate on your own game and don’t auto match. Choose your opponent and strategise better. It’s a game, not a war.


@Chikka, when you get whipped out even using good tactics because of a missmatche it’s annoying, saying choose your opponent? What?