How do you deal with Shivs?

I pretty consistently lose to Shivs teams. I can usually at least go 50/50 with a well-constructed meta team (except Kurtz…I hate Kurtz), but no matter my loadout I probably lose to a Shivs team like 90+% of the time.

I usually attack her head on, because she’s the sole DPS on most teams I play against, and I figure if I kill her I can take the rest of the characters slowly. She’s got really good health though, and that doesn’t seem to be working. I legit don’t think I can switch tactics and kill her support before she kills all of mine - her DPS is kinda ridiculous. Not really sure what to do about it.

I usually take down one or two support before taking down shivs

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Shivs is really really good at countering solo dps teams, you need a more diverse dps roster so you can focus on the supports and have still have enough dps or another dps hero to swap to when she kills the first one.

Unless you get lucky and burst her quickly its pretty hard to out dps a shivs in a 1 on 1 fight when she has 4 supports

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:frowning: solo DPS is my favorite build strategy. That’s kind of a bummer.

If you cant beat em, join em.

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Have a biochem dps hero (Cindy and Oda are good choices) to take her out. Other good options are Hemlock (to remove her damage per second) and Kaishi ( has a chance to remove dps from himself and has good dps too

Hit her with plenty of greens.

Don’t have a Shivs :(. I’m probably going to start more seriously considering running dual DPS builds with a bio component though. Shivs is just insanely annoying, and whenever I run across the occasional Kurtz I hate him as well.

Using and controlling Mauler or Kunochi is a good way of taking her out. Use their stun skills then hammer away. Once stunned she’s rather easy to take out. I also like the idea of taking out a support or two first so you have multiple hero’s attacking her at once

Stun her with Mauler. Shoot her first with Panzer or you own Shivs. Maybe Beck. Or use many many many shields but this very slippery way. All other variants don’t work – she kill first all heroes what was named in this thread. Even Biochem.

Also her weak point is any covers (she tank but break them like mudline) and bad aiming system of her skills (when target is moving she pretty often jump on wrong heroes).

If you have Artemis, she can headshot pretty quickly. At mine, lvl 83 and plat 4, she deals 200k per headshot