How do I create an "alt" on the same device?

I’m interested in creating an alt. The problem is, I don’t know how. I’ve had help from many, and still haven’t gotten it to work.

I am playing on a iPad. I don’t use Facebook (meaning I’m not linked to it) but I am linked to game center. I also don’t have another device to play on.

What I have done, is uninstall Hero Hunters, sign out of Game Center, re install it.
But that doesn’t work. I just get logged back into my main account.

When I got to my profile, then accounts, I don’t have another account there either.

I know many players have gotten this to work before, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

If anyone can help me, I would very much appreciate it. :wink:


Think you need Facebook to get it to work


u have to connect to Facebook unfortunately


From the above screenshot you are not connected to Game Centre of Facebook. You need to connect to facebook as the absolute safe that your account will be synced and safe. Right now, if your device dies then your account is gone for good and is unrecoverable. To make an alt you need to sync your account to facebook and delete the game then redownload it, this creates a new account which you can then sync to facebook as well and recover your original while remaining on your new account


Yeah, biggest thing is to connect to your Facebook so you can recover it.


I am connected to Game Center, it just never says I am. Its weird. I also have uninstalled the app 10 times, and I always log back into my account.

But thanks for the tips and help all. I guess I just won’t make an alt if this is the only way.

I have an alt on the same device but different accounts. Go to your phone settings- users- add a new account with new email and you have to switch between users on your phone. So you can’t be logged on on both accounts at the same time though. ; )

That’s a good tip, but how to add a different store user and Apple ID to your device. It’s much easier to just make a Facebook account for all your games (if you don’t like using Facebook), and just connect your Hero Hunters to Facebook like Gale said. Then all your Hero Hunters are right there in your account page and Facebook will always have them to recover on any device.

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Each user/account has its own play store with other apps. But I am on Android (Huawei mobile). I don’t know how it works on iOS.