Horrible bounty spawns still continue

I just spent 142 energy and not a single bounty appeared.

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Bounties have been dropping like crazy for me and my alliance. It’s been insane.

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Yah. New hero shank not doing much damage in bounty I had made him 8 star and now he near to 9 star

Lucky you. I wish we had that luck. How many of those have been cash spawns? Can’t reach top 50 without having to use cash for summoning

I don’t think shank had any bonus point in this bounty event. He hardly hits 1million… Astrix bounty event was weigh better than this. I feel something is wrong with this bounty hunt. Really wrong.

the bounty spawn is randomized. If you didn’t get it, maybe someone in your alliance did

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Yeah lol shabk is a tank, you can read his skills and tell hes not meant for damage, i wouldnt dump frags into him

Of course we also have cash spawns. But when I complete 10 missions and gain 3 bounties, that’s pretty lucky.

170 energy and zero bounties again thanks HH

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