HHG, This is what balance notes should look like! Please give us the transparency and precision that a competitive game demands!

Which I covered in the first 3/4 of my posts. Unlike your post which literally adds NOTHING to the topic. GG?

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Guys, take it somewhere else.


Sorry Marsh, I will get back on topic and ignore the personal attacks that do nothing to add to the conversation from here on out.

Im honestly unable to understand why we cant get precise patchnotes. Saying “cooldown has been reduced” is too vague.

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I never understood why the cooldown is not noted in the skill description. Or why there is no exact number for Moss self damage, while it is with Heckler.

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We want players to see there were adjustments to specific aspects of a Hero and to try them out for themselves.

We found that by posting exact changes players would comment only on the numbers and rarely see how the changes affect the Hero in practice. We keep the Balance notes intentionally vague to see if the players can feel a noticeable change before they make assumptions about whether they were too much or too little.

Mmm, I’d go with the Blizzard model. Like with Heroes of The Storm. It gives you changes to the health/damage/skills with the patch notes. Like here is a character, here are the changes for a more balanced playing experience. Some might get a slight nerf and others a boost. Depends what’s going on.

If you haven’t seen them, check it out. This at least let’s you know what’s gonna happen when you play

This frustrates me a lot because they keep on telling us that they’re listening to our feedbacks but it’s been 4-5 cycles of their crappy patch notes. It’s such a disservice to the community. You can see the patchnotes thread asking for more questions/clarification and they don’t even respond. The most logical thing to do is to make it more measurable, detailed with justification to minimize confusion and for better transparency.

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Clash Royale looks like a game for kids, of course they need a grown-up to tell them everything in detail.


And I’m ready for the flames back at me.

Are these called balance note or you are making a new game yourself

Actually I’d expect this kind of vague patch notes for a kids game, since seeing a ‘23% damage increase’ may mean nothing to a kid.

But well, the community has already expressed their desire to get extensive patch notes, and it seems is going to be the community’s job to scrap it together

Next patch I may take pictures of all skills before and after update and post the exact change log


The lack of skill cooldown info and per hit cooldown reduction is the biggest BS in this game.

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Wow nice to hear it’s a deliberate vagueness.

Have you tried making it clear and informative?

Mmmm - balance notes.

I tend to find that sticking my arms out and focusing on one fixed point really help me to balance. Not sure what all the fuss is about.

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@Omnipotent Surely you realize that this meme is what you guys sound like by saying that… Having worked in game design, and specifically with content balancing, it’s a cop-out to be intentionally vague. Either you’re unconfident in your decisions as developers (and consequently worried that players will ‘call you out’), or you’re seeking to take advantage of the players’ ignorance on the system.

The only time a game developer will be taken seriously being vague is when they’ve already built a foundation of players trusting them to make good balancing decisions. HHG does not have that at all. Look at Panzer or Ifrit. Look at the fact that 80% of the heroes that exist are entirely unused and useless. If you want good feedback and a constructive dialogue with the players, then the players must be able to see how things are changing. You haven’t earned the right to be trusted to do a good job with balancing.

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While Papa Marsh message may sound harsh, I totally agree with this one sentence. You always talk about listening to feedback, but we can’t give any feedback at all with such vague patchnotes :confused:

Even more when we get hidden changes.

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While I find the standpoint an agreeable one, I still would like a section to expand on it. Heck I don’t need numbers, but as some suggested the HotS approach wouldn’t be a bad one either (if overhauls or changes are done, add a bit of fluff text to expand on the matter, most of the time accurate numbers are there too)

For an example, let’s take Ifrit.

Your post implies a cool down Improvement. Normally I can view this statement in a few ways as there is no context or body to the statement:

  1. Improvement sounds positive, so does it mean we are getting him to pound the ground even faster ( while it’s off the active cast gating)
  2. We ‘improve’ the cool down by adding a higher amount of cycle time to it before another cast goes off.
  3. We improve the cool down by making his hits count toward timer reduction.

This is what is meant by vague, devs. Let us put it to perspective. A direct translation would be: “we’re giving you a Batman franchise Joker” ( inspired after the melee Kurtz riflemen who bravely went behind enemy lines for some regular good ole high jinks)

And I’m like oh boy it’s Batman Joker! where HHG posts saying “find out which Joker you get”. So I get all giddy and log in, but my smile turns upside down; I was expecting a mark Hamill or Heath ledger Joker (I’d even take Cesar Romero!), but no, I got Jared Leto’s Joker.

In short, vague patch notes lead to two things:

  1. false expectations as they are fully based on theory-crafting. This in turn leads to slow ability to deliver feedback and even slower dev response rates as the game runs no beta(or hero focus) testing for changes. This is how we get Panzer/Ifrit/Flatline in the first place as technically one of the main viable metas. We need a testing ground to help you guys make sure such abominations do not appear.
  2. Players cannot trust the notes. You may as well post “NOTES owe us money! Why does NOTE not pay US their dues?” Patch notes are there to inform in some way or shape what @HHGs mission statement is, without basing everything on pure conjecture. I’d say Panzer’s overflowing damage is one that fits the bill here. We got told her damage would be tuned down, where in game I regret to inform you that removing shell strength vs barrier was not an issue.

In short, I would happily find some middle ground in the patch notes. However, the current status just doesn’t sit right with me as having to figure out hat exactly is being changed by playing the game is hard to figure out, unless I decide to fill my photo library with screen caps and do the before after thing. Posting accurate notes and inviting top tier PvPers for feedback on changes DEFINITELY should be something you should consider.

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1 simple solution.

Give us cool down times.

Without the selected hero bonus.

No bronze damage skill recharge to mess this one up.

We asked about detailed stats.

Give us detailed stats.

We need details.


Yes thank you. The vague balance notes and this statement right here highlight that HHG does not in fact have desire to put effort into balancing the game. This is what would keep HH relevant in the long term. Instead, they are milking the cash-cow dry by focusing nearly all effort into short term profits. HHG proves again that Short-Term Gain > Long-Term Sustainability.

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