Hero Spotlight: Yeager


If you keep him alive he will show you he’s a good Energy DPS alternative. We needed Energy DPS! I mean Ronin yeayeah I know but we’re all getting sick of him.

His regular gun ain’t bad at 10 shots, 34K DPS, quick reload - and getting archangel going is bonkers - covers and enemies flying all over.
Getting a few stacks of his platinum isn’t impossible either - once he’s in his bubble he’ll charge another bronze up quite quick. And the passive occasional 90K + chance to stun everyone is awesome.

Just a random post-match result with Yeager:


That’s not bad at all, esp since he has pretty good survivability skills with his bronze, but a Kuno at that level would be easily twice the damage of Drake. I gotta imagine that Yeager will get better the more people play with him and unlock builds that work for him, though. I feel like he’s the kind of guy that is predicated on the game going well past the first 30 seconds (to get the stacks going), which is unfortunately a pretty hard guy to use in most PVP matches.


Kuno does deal good damage but she’ll put herself in a dangerous situation with her booster skill which makes her take much more damage than she should - and will risk dying easily. Of course she also have her little healing skill but I don’t see that as very reliable. Yeager on the other hand will avoid death by all means thanks to his shields. He also got higher health than Kuno I think but since they are at different star-level I can’t say for sure…

8* Yeager: 295.000 health.
7* Kuno: 190.000 health.

Most important though is that Kunoichi is mech. We have so many DPS mechs. Clyde, Panzer, Beck, Dogface, Jarek… Name’em. The fact that Yeager is energy makes him more of a standout hero.


I mean, he did about the same amount of damage as your opponents (higher leveled) Ronin, so can’t complain too much. And agree that it’s good that we’re getting more DPS variety in the energy area.


I’m excited for a new energy DPS. Heckler and Sapphire are kinda really it for decent DPS. I’m pretty excited myself. I’ll probably level him up a ton when I get him.