Hero Spotlight: Warden

Out of all the Terraventa heroes, I’d say I like Warden the most so far. Nice work on this one.

I think that there’s enough bio archers and we already have a mech archer…can we get an energy archer please…to the very least before a ff hero

How does her gold skill work? Actually I have the same question for Prophet, it says target an enemy, but is it random or is it the enemy I am attacking?

Whichever enemy Warden/Prophet is facing, that enemy will have the gold debuff applied to them.

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I’m tired of archers all the way around. They’re typically slow shooting with powerful kill shots that take too much time to load. Artemis is still the best archer in the game.

Archers are best, better then like a dreadnaught or someone who shoots a million times to do a fraction of an arrows damage

Warden is little broken. Atleast in Urgent Mission. After she used her skills she became unaimed on few time. Literally. You may aim on her, but aim never become red and all your bullets will be miss. This is bug or new feature?

There should be more ways to get the forged heroes. They are the only ones I am missing and I will not waste my hard-earned money. The token drop rate is really low and even after opening lots of gilded crates, I have gotten 0 FF token until now. :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

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