Hero Spotlight: Verrill

By destroy enemy shields like, no matter how much damage the shield absorbs does his shot instantly destroy shield? Or is this accomplished by having this deal damage specifically to shields only and just crank the damage up to 300% like anvil?

Aye it may be called armour but it is a shield, fivers bronze can stop serial from activating his skill completely

Fiver? Do you mean fiber? I never saw her preventing serials armor when I fought her, especially when I had no chance of dealing any damage to the ruby fiber teams

Aye Fiber, her Hack.Heal if applied to serial was able to block his shield skill from activating and it would waste his charge. This was at her release and I have not tried it again since her fix however. It’s due to her platinum skill which blocks shields on hacked enemies

New hero looks great and very nice skill set. Can’t wait for the update. Keep up to good work hothead!

As much as I love the new heros every month though, can we get some bonus events with past heros? Would be fun to mix it up and use some heros I never touch.

It’s just Boris………….

Serial most definitely gains a shield. Hence you can shield up from it with anvil. You can do damage through it with yanlong and jarek. If fiber doesn’t make it go away I’d assume it to be a bug with fiber skill. I would believe that Verill emp should disable it but we’ll see.



I’m glad to see a family man in the ranks.