Hero Spotlight: Slurp

Looks interesting and powerful hero!

I’ve been trying Slurp for a while now and it’s nice, makes me laugh how it moves.
I do have some concerns though.

  1. [Toxic Spit] you know when you load everything into one spit and a ball of mucus comes out… exactly that.
  2. [Licking Wounds] basically jumps on the ally and licks them… from behind… starting from the cough cough butt cough cough
  3. [Hardened Scrabs] … I don’t want to talk about it
  4. [Healing Pheromones] practically farts.

But yeah… its funny

How did you get Slurp?

Most wanted crate. (20 character limit)

Ah got it thx
(need a few more characters)

Sooo… Lets hope there will be a legendary skin /2nd rare skin that show Benny’s face b4 he exposed by that biochem…
Back when he fall in love with Obrez…