Hero Spotlight: Shank

Not just bounties he sucks all around… hes useless just like his twin brother

Twin brother as in BUTTER lol? If so atleast he is more viable haha.

The sad part of this is he has joined the crew of heros that are useless after their event is up similar to anvil

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This was Shank bonus bounty and look at his score!

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one day Shank will be buffed so hard that to nerf him again, HH had to remove him for the rooster

yea i didn’t use the translator

I’m upgrading others to help in the bounty cause he has mosquito shots

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Agreed he needs a lil more damage hes useless

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Looks cool but absolutely useless in the bounties. I have him at 6 stars and double plat and am doing 1.5-2 million per bounty.

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You need to play Shank yourself but do not use any skills (recharge time too long, damage too low)


Same problem here bro. Shank is too weak

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another useless hero. thanks

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Daaaaang, that is some good damage there.
Manual control is a must, his gun gets unruly with the recoil if its just held down like the ai does. Needs to be pumped and controlled.

I wish I have time to manual control all the time, but life comes first :).

Just another excuse! Who plays bounty manual???

why wouldn’t you? Manual allows you to ping off headshots all day. the ai has horrible aim for headshots.


Is shanks getting a buff before next bounty please? I have him 9 star 4 stripes and his damage is ridiculously low

Just use him with Ronin and Halo, Dog for higher dps damage and you get at least 15/20M damage.

5 billz plus shooting manually omg! No thanks, i have a real life job wife and kids to care for.

Yup, I rather min-max with Ronin on Auto in PvP

Shank need a lot of buffs to become a good hero