Hero Spotlight: Obrez

Ooh let’s go! A wristgun + extra damage to shields? Heck yes!

With what faction magistrates team for bounty?

lol! Keep it up! @Jazmin007


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haha, cover girl cause she breaks covers. Love the pun

I just Hope She’s better than M’K’ :thinking: & She’s Pretty :nerd_face:


Ah fashion Girl meet Assassin Killer’s
BTW this hero mixed kunoichi and marianas
(Midship mech heroes)

Looking forward for her weapon stats…

I hope her weapon do massive damage to covers, if she’s having quick reload time will be an advantage, too… :wink:

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And now, people will understand why MK2 is a decent hero.

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Obrez : Mech midline high DPS hero…

In memoriam :Panzer :grin:

given her abilities I would say that she promises to do dirty … as long as she faces a lot of damage it’s ok !! otherwise she will be very well to forget

Serial: Dont worry! I´ll handle this one!

Now we have 101 heroes. The full-roster elemental-type distribution is:

Mechanical: 35
Energy: 36
Biochemical: 30

Call Greenpeace LOL

Exciting creation…cover breaker as a diva…just enjoy her

Is she a 5stars héro?

Why do I see a resemblance with black widow… :thinking:. Still looks great. Cant wait to get her

Woah, I think you just guessed her skin right there! Some kind of dark cloak and spider legs attached to her.

Flush 'em Out

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


When Obrez destroys enemy cover, anyone behind that cover takes Damage.

It’ll be better if.

When Obrez or any allied hero destroys enemy cover, anyone behind that cover takes Damage.


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


When Obrez demolishes cover, she gains Health and receives Healing per second for 5 seconds.

Even better if.

When Obrez and allied heroes demolish cover, they gain Health and receive Healing per second for 5 seconds.

I give her a 5 star rating if you change to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback! The Hero will launch with the Skills we previously outlined.


Don’t know it’s fine to say this here or not… but, sometimes… I found Muninn is soo Savage!

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I don’t think either of new heros anygood…mybe I missed something but used both n not to impressed…