Hero Spotlight: Jarek

yeah, i saw the offer for him and a few other things for like 1999 gold. he only needs 60 fragments though. guess i’ll wait then

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Thought he was gonna be available in PvP crate?

Listening to his voice lines on the special offer screen. I was honestly hoping his voice lines would sound something like the Hulk or Venom, something terrifying. :frowning:

With the PvP crate they mean the Jarek PvP cate that will be up some time soon. Not the crate you get for 5 PvP wins.
I mentioned in the Kaiashi thread, that it is a bit confusing but… :man_shrugging:

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I agree. 1999 gold for basically 60 frags (hero unlock) and some peripherals for about a week of jump start on the new hero isn’t a good buy, especially with how scarely we see gold in events these days. I think he looks like he has good potential synergy with other heroes, which I like. I guess we’ll find out.

not to mention the Into The Dojo event starts in like a day and change, so its only a matter of time before we get him. I have no doubt that some folks already have him at plat+ with skills maxed out

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Mauler is a different story because:

  1. Mauler could literally permastun his victims (easier when his skin gave +2% crit, but still doable) and the stuns began 1-2 seconds into the match without needing to even land skills. It was pretty manageable to keep 1 victim stunned with his weapon crits while also locking down a healer for 10 seconds with the Bronze+Silver combo.

  2. Even between stuns the victim would still be disoriented and all of his skills are very respectable in their own way.

  3. Given Mauler’s teamwide disorient buff, he could flexibly fit into teams with Halo and Ifrit to go from a single-target stun monster to a team-wide thunderstorm maker.

Jarek has none of these advantages and so far every top-tier DPS has been able to use their weapon to secure an early kill or at least do a large amount of pressure.

There are really only thing things that would change my mind about Jarek, either his AI is “advanced” and he intentionally holds his skills and waits near the end of a friendly stun to “combo” and tack on another 6 seconds + lift from his gold OR if his cooldown are so short that he can keep an enemy DPS locked down.

Lastly, Jareks plat is so disappointing. HHG did a good job with releases from Ifrit to Min to Anvil to Kobold to Kaishi at making Plat skills that could create new synergies and added depth to those characters. Then we get Jarek…

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I guess they didn’t put a lot of creativity into his platinum skill but that 10% damage reduction sure comes in handy.
So far I like Jarek. He’s fun and looks cool. He’s kind of Mauler + Galante in how he plays.

someone please update that hero guide for jerex. so i get prepared with all material to upgrade him to platinum directly.

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I have screenshots for most promotions but not all as I forgot to screenshot the rest.

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can you provide details of some, so from now on i try to stock them with me.

My screenshots sucked, it was all just his butt. Must have activated some zoom.

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Look at the spread sheet. Most of it is in there.

Spreadsheet is blank for me.
@Ulfpam post the gold 0 -> Plat 0 screenshots?

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I just realized that he will be available just for 15 days (from today)/
as I remember other heros were available for at least 28 days in co-op raid

Soon a new update hinted!

Have you gotten time to try Jarek yet and maybe changed your opinion (or rather gotten an opinion) on him? I think he’s good.

Agreed, I think he’s really quite strong. The last draft brawl, Osric had him in his lineup, so if that isn’t proof that he’s a great hero, then I don’t know what is :stuck_out_tongue:

Bravo to the devs for releasing a strong, unique hero that doesn’t feel unfairly powerful.

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