Hero Spotlight: Gunsmoke

Time to add a new one to my collection >:)

Would buffing the old heroes make campaign too hard or something?

I’m HUUUUGELY in favor of FF heroes coming over. It opens up a new dynamic that actually allows you to play out the question “what if I had two of this hero?”. What do you do when Gunsmoke and Dogface start raining down at the same time? Or, Heavens forbid, they get offset a little and one follows the other combining to make a 10 second long barrage of hurt locker pain! I think this is fascinating. I’m personally interested in the FF version of Butter coming over. Shields Shields everywhere!! AAAAAH!

I want a new co-op against the Gorgon of Teraventa…

What is it name @J_A_D_O?

Golem Rises

I honestly think this would be a fun addition to the roster of Co-op Raids! :wink: